Friday, May 02, 2014

Puffing silly

Whenever I tell people where I live almost every time they say "Where's that?"

Then I say; "Near Belgrave" 
and then they say; "Where's that?"

And then I say; "Have you heard of Puffing Billy?" 
And then they say; "Uh huh" 
And then I say; "Well yeah, that's in Belgrave"

And then they say "Oh ok, geez that's a fair way to travel, but it is very pretty out that way, I went to a wedding near there once." 
And then I say "cool, yeah", or something dumb like that.

But so my point is that through my last five years of being full time in the city Puffing Billy has been an important reference for me.

Puffing Billy the steam engine that is, not to be confused with Pufferbillies, the trademarked Wiggles brand of delicious honey flavoured wholegrain cereal.
Puffing Billy is a steam engine that was originally built in 1899 and still chugs along today, it runs from Belgrave to Emerald and is mostly packed with tourists in either matching black leather jackets
or silver jackets with scorpions.
The other day my pal Cherie and I went on Puffing Billy. During the trip I made five drawings, this first one was just a kind of warm up.
After that I did what you're supposed to do and hung my legs out the window.
Puffing Billy's pretty tricky to draw on, it's about as rocky as a tram but not only that the morning wind and rain make it freezing and my hands got so numb I couldn't feel my fingers. 
I stayed out there a while until I felt I'd seen enough trees and grass and then I pulled my legs in and started drawing some guy with a big green shoulder bag.
I didn't have time to draw his face as this drawing had to end pretty quick when the guy stood up and stuck his head out the window.
After that I had my photo taken wearing the conductors hat. 
After that I drew this woman, who when I showed her the drawing was really funny, like from a cartoon, and completely over the top with excitement and must've taken a hundred photos with me and the drawing.
And here's the last drawing I did of a Mum and a son, (which is just like the band Mumford and son, but without the 'ford').

Anyway thanks heaps for reading, I'd better go, I'm actually writing this blog post from the hospital waiting room.
It's a pretty uninteresting story but I've sprained my foot. It hurts, it's terrible, I haven't been able to walk on it for the last two days, I feel like a bird with a broken wing, or a train with no tracks. But I guess it has given me the time to sit in a scary hospital and write out all of this. 

Hopefully the doctor tells me I'm not broken, or if I am broken he replaces my foot with a brand new invincible one, and before you know it I'll be back wiggling around and eating big bowls of Pufferbillies.

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