Saturday, May 17, 2014

Ketty or not, here I come

Hey pal, what's news?


Oh right, it's only me talking here isn't it? So ok, I guess I'll tell you what's news then. 

There was a faulty train at Flagstaff on Monday at 8am, and so many trains were stuck in the city loop for half an hour. 

A study at the University of New England says apparently people who sit at desks all day have shorter lives.

Melbourne Music Week is in November and searching for venues and record labels to get involved.

And Lara Bingle has avoided a six month jail sentence for "unlawful driving", instead receiving a $2000 fine.

Oh and hey, in-between those four news items, apparently I'm news too, for here I am on page 2 of Tuesdays mX newspaper. 
The article was about how tomorrow I'll be riding the train from the first train at 4.20am and trying to get to the end of all sixteen train lines before the end of the day. Along the way I'll be doing some drawings.

The first thing my mum said to me when she saw the article was "Darl, you need to smile more". Ha, "But Mum" I said, "I was laughing and waving at that big camera for fifteen minutes, they must've taken at least three thousand photos of me with a huge smile!" I wish they had've picked a photo where I looked a little happier,  but I guess aside from me looking lousy it is a nice shot of people looking at my work.

Anyway so it was pretty exciting being a news item, unfortunately though due to a typo any potential new twitter followers I might've gotten from it have all gone to my arch nemesis Ketty Pittock.
What was really cool though was that twitter people I don't know got on board in support of Ketty.

I googled Ketty to see if it's a boy or girls name, and urban dictionary tells me that instead Ketty is;
the state achieved after snorting Mucho's horse tranquilizer (Or Ketamine). 
Ha,  so there you go. Giddyup.

In addition to this there are two people on wikipedia with the name Ketty, one has it as their first name and the other has it as their last name, both are female so I guess it's a girls name, however neither were actually born with the name so I'm still not convinced it's a real name.

But ok, so the person with Ketty as their first name is Ketty Lester, she's an American singer and actress who's song Love Letters appears in the David Lynch film Blue Velvet. I still haven't seen Blue Velvet, nor do I own anything made of blue velvet, nonetheless I did look up Love Letters and here, have a listen, it's beautiful.
The person with Ketty as their last name is Rina Ketty and she's a singer too. She's French. Here's a song of hers from 1938. It's beautiful too.
I can't decide which of those two songs I like more, but between them and the horse tranquilsor I've realised that being mistaken for a kitty is definitely not a bad thing.

But so alright this whole Ketty thing has gotten me a bit off track, (great train pun), what I should be talking about is how strange it was being on page 2 of the mx, and waiting for my train and watching a crowded platform of strangers reading it.

Here's some photos I took of people looking at my dumb photo, it felt a bit like something out of a movie.
And to bring this whole thing full circle, or full city loop, here's a drawing I did of a guy on the train who's reading an article about how I draw people on the train.
Surely that is the highlight of my life in drawing, yeah? I should probably call it quits now cause it ain't getting any better than this, I oughta just get my mits on some of that horse tranquilliser and kick back in a state of sweet, sweet ketty.

But so yeah, before I do anything like that I should really get some sleep because it's well after midnight and as the article explained, I have to get up early and catch a train. 

Another article with a little more information that explains it a little better and doesn't have any typos was also in The Age on Wednesday.
"A kind hearted take on the foibles of human nature" -Dylan Rainforth. Reading that very lovely line makes me feel almost as good as listening to a song by one of the Ketty's. Also, people don't use the word 'foible' enough.

But so ok, thanks so much for reading, and so hey I think the best way to finish this blog post off is to mention that today I got my international drivers license. What that means is that I can now legally drive a car basically anywhere in Europe.

So that's good news, and what it also meant is that for the license I had to have my photo taken. "Am I allowed to smile?" I asked the woman at RACV, "you sure can" she said. 
And so there you go, that's better, the next time I see my Mum I'll be sure to give her an updated copy of the mX article.

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