Friday, April 18, 2014

Once in a blood moon

Hey star gazer, three nights ago there was a "blood moon", did you hear about that? A blood moon is when the moon rises while already totally eclipsed, and it's called a blood moon because when this happens it makes the moon look red. I'd never heard of a blood moon before, it sounds a bit like it could be the name of the next twilight movie. 

But so maybe you saw Tuesdays blood moon by looking it up on the internet, (or maybe you saw it the old fashioned way, by just looking up), but if you happened to miss seeing the blood moon on Tuesday, worry not, for you can see it right here in my scientifically accurate drawing.
I could probably end this blog post right there, but what the heck, I'll keep going.

In the twenty minute lead up to the blood moon a couple of friends and I staked out a good spot to see it, just down on the St. Kilda road bridge that goes over the Yarra River. There was heaps of people with DSLR's, setting up tripods and attaching footlong fixed lens', and there was also heaps of people with iPhone 5's and outstretched arms. 
But the great Copernicus never needed a camera when he documented the moon back in the 1500's, and so if just a marker and paper were good enough for him, then I guess it's good enough for me as well.

Here's a drawing I made of the MCG while we all waited around for the blood moon to rise over it.
And here's the same drawing again, except that this time it has the blood moon in it.
The moon only stayed a blood moon for about an hour and a half before the eclipse ended and it turned back into it's regular bloodless self. I saw a thing on the ABC where an astrophysicist was saying that what he was most looking forward to seeing was the in-between period while the moon was midway through changing back and so half of it's red and half of it's bright yellow.

As you can see in this photo of me and my pal Alanna, my eyes were clearly getting into the spirit of the event and were also halfway between red and bright yellow.
(The other thing I like about that photo is how seamlessly my hair blends in with the trees.)

Once the moon returned to normal all of us on the bridge awoke from our cosmic wonder and snapped back to reality, just in time too as my friends and I had to run to go see the very funny Hannah Gadsby's comedy festival show up in Town Hall. 

Here's a drawing I scribbled in the dark, a few seconds before the show started.
And here's a photo of me and Hannah Gadsby after the show, a few seconds before I clumsily gave her the drawing and she said "Oh good, I see you haven't drawn my head".
When I tweeted a photo of it the next day a friend of mine tagged Hannah Gadsby into it, and pretty amazingly she tweeted back. 
Pretty funny, I guess making drawings instead of taking photos really tied into the theme of Hannah Gadsby's show, which is all about the selfie and how artists back in the Copernicus days of no iPhone 5's had to create their selfles using oil paint. 

But so yeah, Hannah Gadsby tweeting me was pretty huge, it doesn't get much bigger than that. Or does it...

Ha, so today is Good Friday, and in an attempt to try and turn Good Friday into Really Good Friday I tweeted this photo of a drawing I did ages ago of Jesus crucified on the cross of a hot bun. 
And who should I get a retweet from? None other than Jesus himself.
It's pretty nice of Jesus to retweet me, maybe I've misjudged him. And so yeah, I guess really the only thing bigger than this would be for The Beatles to retweet me, (because of course everybody knows The Beatles are bigger than Jesus).

To finish off this blog post here's a drawing of a guy that kind of looks like Jesus, maybe, not really actually but that's probably the best segue I'm gonna get, ha, here's a drawing I did of my buddy Dan.
And Danned if you do and Danned if you don't, here's a photo of my buddy Dan holding the drawing I did of him.
And so yeah, we won't get to see a blood moon again for another six months, and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival finishes on Sunday so we'll have to wait another year for that to roll round again, but in the meantime you can always go into the Malthouse Theatre and as Dan takes your lunch order you'll be able to see my drawing of him grinning away at you from behind the tea leaves.
Thanks heaps for reading, hope you're having a Great Friday.

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