Saturday, April 05, 2014

Letter-Man Vs. Wild

Hey so this morning I was in the post office reading twitter and I saw that David Letterman, host of The Tonight Show, has announced that after 31 years of tonight show hosting he's gonna be retiring at the end of 2014.

As a way of giving him a little send off, and since David is a Letter-man, I decided to draw a picture of him on an envelope.
Even though he's a bit of a jerk I think I'll always have a soft spot for Letterman because of the way I looked forward to and loved watching his show every night when I was recovering from spine surgery. 

(I think I've only mentioned the surgery on this blog once before, click here if you want to read that post.) 

And so yeah, here's three drawings I made on the 23rd of March, 2009. 

Along with the fifty thousand other drawings from that time these were made when I was fatigued from being unable to move and completely in agony and I was a bit woozy from the oxycontin I was on and I was watching The Tonight Show with David Letterman at one in the morning.

I'd love to do something with all the drawings I made while recovering from spine surgery but I still can't really look at them without getting shivers down the very spine that was operated on, so I reckon for now I'll just leave those drawings alone.

But so back to what I was saying, here's today's post office drawing of David Letter-man on an envelope. 

The only trouble with doing the drawing is that I was then obligated to buy the envelope. I don't send letters very often but hopefully whoever I send one to next is a fan of the Tonight Show.

Anyway so the reason I was in the post office is because, at the ripe old age of 25, I was finally submitting an application for a passport. What that means is that one day, if I'm lucky, I might go overseas. 

What it also means is that I had to get a passport photo. Here it is repeated in a grid like a little Warhol screen print.
Getting your passport photo taken is tricky because it's really funny how much of a big deal the post office people make out of telling you that you're not allowed to smile, and so even though I usually suck at smiling for photos this time it was a real effort for me to try and look serious.

The other thing is that the post office makes you buy eight copies of the photo even though to get a passport you only need two, and so if you're reading this and you think you might like one of my leftover photos to pin on your voodoo doll or keep in your wallet, then hey, just let me know. 

In fact if you have a spare passport photo of yourself lying around maybe we can swap? That could be fun, who knows, I might even send you my one in the Letter-man envelope.

Speaking of which, and to wrap up this blog post, here's a self portrait of me as a late night talk show host.
Self portrait as a late night talk show host. Acrylic and passport photo on envelope. 2014.

That collage is almost definitely my Nostradamus moment at predicting the future; once the television executives hear that I'm getting a passport I'm pretty confident my phone won't stop ringing with people offering to fly me out to the States to do Letterman's old job.

In the meantime thanks heaps for reading and I hope you and every Letter-man and his dog are having a rocking Saturday night.


  1. I hope he gets it and loves it! I love Letterman as well and enjoy watching his show even though yes, he is a bit of a jerk-off.

    1. Hey Yalei, yeah me too! Plus I really love watching the guests who're really good at handling Letterman being really blunt with them, like in the clips from the 80's where he interviewed people like Andy Kaufman and Harvey Pekar. Or I guess more recently Joaquin Phoenix in that movie I'm Still Here. Ha, but I'll stop rambling, thanks heaps for the comment!