Friday, March 28, 2014

My new studio and what it's reduced me to.

Hey high flyer,

In an attempt to create a buzz, I made a drawing of a fly caught in a spider web. 

Wouldn't hurt a fly, acrylic and pencil on 225gsm paper, 7.4 x 10.5cm, 2014.

After I drew the fly I released it from the web, now I feel bad for the spider.

Something I feel good about though is a tiny exhibition I'm in called Dummy. 

It opened the night after I saw the Eminem show that I talked about in the last post, it's at Mailbox Gallery and is curated by two artists who were in the year above me when I was at uni, Alice Mathieu and Madé Spencer-Castle. 

Here's two photo's from the opening.
The artists in Dummy were asked to recreate a specific work of theirs on a miniature scale, the work I was asked to recreate was my Australian flag thongs.
My original pair of thongs, currently on show in NEW14, (and also pretty amazingly as seen in The Age last Wednesday), are the size of a mens size ten,
whereas my dummy thongs, (as seen in the mailbox below), though still acrylic on kiln fired clay, are the size of my thumb.

Here's my thumb in front of the thongs.
And here I am giving a thumbs up to the work of another artist in the show, my buddy Jimmy Nuttall.
That's Jim's hand you can see pixelated in the bottom right, being a dummy and giving his work a thumbs down.

Dummy's on until April 13 and Mailbox is at 141 Flinders Lane, which is directly across the road from the Chanel shop, as seen here in this photo of Jim and I.
Here's another shot I took of some newly-weds the next day in front of the same Chanel shop.
I reckon if I ever get married then I really want to try and recreate this photo exactly.

Newly-weds tend to pose in front of just about everything in the city, so much so that it's actually a perfect segue into the other thing I wanted to mention in this blog post; which is that I got a new studio!

And so yeah, the reason it's a perfect segue is because here's some newly-weds shuffling about directly in front of the entrance to my new studio.
Ha, so exciting news, my new studio's in the Nicholas Building, which is on Swanson Street just near Flinders Street station and right next two of my most favourite shops; 7-11 and Subway. 

Subway has some exciting NEW news itself by the way; they now offer Fresh Baby Spinach as part of their salads menu. I had it today, it's great, you don't even taste the leaves amongst all the other junk in the sub but it just makes you feel that little bit healthier, ha, but I imagine this is all a lot more interesting for me than it is for you so I'll move on...
There's so many Fresh things about having a studio in the heart of the city, the only problem really is that sometimes it's tricky to transport stuff in and out. The main challenge was getting in my locker, I've had this locker since 2010 and it's traveled with me to every studio since.
The worst part about lugging the locker across the city wasn't even how heavy it is or how bulky it is, (although it is very heavy and bulky), but it was the fact that a couple of years ago during some late night in the studio I scrawled on it in paint LOOK WHAT I'VE BEEN REDUCED TO!!!
Ha, how pathetic, what a loser. The good thing about that moment though is I later turned it into this painting;

I guess the text sort of combines personal anxieties with the language of mass produced advertising, and that's fine, ha, but then when I needed to heave the statement down a crowded Swanson Street it became a bit more like one of those old fashioned forms of public humiliation. 

Like this guy I found on the internet.
If I weren't such a dummy I would've thought to just paint over the locker before moving it. 

It wasn't really bad at all though, it was just sort of silly and when people took photos that was kind of fun. All I was really worried about was making sure the locker didn't wobble off the trolley and hurt anyone.
And so now I have a locker in my studio. I'm good to go. Great. All that's left to do is just keep making art. But that's not what being an artist is about. Everybody knows that what separates the Picasso's from the Picass-no's is whether they've got a locker in their studio. Right?

Anyway, in conclusion, to tie together the two things I've talked about in this blog post here's a present given to me by my pals Isabelle and Heide of a small Australian flag thong magnet, which is currently stuck on to my locker. 
If you're ever in the area and feel like dropping by the studio just let me know, it's on the third floor of the building right near World Food Books. In fact here's a photo of me in World Food Books taken just today as I read a book with the word New on the cover, but I'll talk about NEW next time.
In the meantime though thongs heaps for reading, and after another fun filled week let's just thank our lockery southern crossed stars that it's the weekend.


  1. Haha, I know one of the guys in the bridal party of that photo in the Nicholas Building. How weird, what a small world. Loved your work in New2014. Cheers.

  2. Hey Evol, that's so cool, and yeah, really small world! (ha, it feels especially small when you see a dozen people squeezing into a two meter line.) Also thanks so much for the nice words about NEW. Thanks heaps for the comment buddy, Kenny. PS. I really like your podcast!