Friday, March 21, 2014

Like looking for a NEWdle in a haystack.

Hey, how've you been? What's New?

I haven't had the chance to write anything New on here for a couple of weeks, and I've missed it a lot, so I figure tonight's the night that I get back into it. I guess to begin with I wanna say a big thank you to everybody who came and saw my work in the Coming Soon exhibition in the first show for 2014 at West Space.

Here's an action shot of me installing my carrot on a stick sculpture up out of reach on the West Space ceiling.
Here's a less actiony shot of me eating a ham footlong sub out of the West Space window while taking a break from the install.
And here's an even less actiony shot of where I slept during the install, on the iconic West Space floor next to my sculptures of chips, sauce, an esky and the Australian flag thongs.
I was really happy with the show, definitely the most exciting part about it for me though was having the opportunity to exhibit Shape, my acrylic on ceramic Arnotts Biscuits Barbecue Shape sculpture, by itself on a 7 meter wall. 

There's no need to get bent out shape if you didn't get a chance to see the show though, as just for you I've made this excellent diagram demonstrating where on the wall I installed the sculpture.
I wish my pieces could always be shown on 7 meter walls, particularly the really small ones, and so hopefully that'll be the shape of things to come.

If you'd like to see a closer up shot of Shape, and if you'll allow me to name drop for a second, here's a photo taken by my bud the great Tom Polo of what appears to be the hand of somebody very hungry.
On the day of the West Space opening I went to visit another artist whose work I really love, my pal Anastasia Klose, at the hashtag Melbourne Now exhibition in the National Gallery of Victoria. 

I'm sure you know about it already but just incase you don't, for Melbourne Now Anastasia created the One Stop Knock-Off Shop. Essentially it's a retail store where she sells t-shirts under the label Anastasia Klothes. 

The t-shirts cleverly toy with the idea that artists and art galleries are sometimes seen just as status symbols and brands. At least that's the idea I think they're cleverly toying with.

Anyway here's a drawing I did of Anastasia Klose in her One Stop Knock-Off Shop last Wednesday while she was knocking-off a really funny artist talk.
I showed Anastasia the drawing and she very generously signed it for me. I realised afterwards that I should have given her the drawing but now that she'd written such a flattering message it seemed crazy not to keep it myself.
But so yeah, on the day of the West Space opening I made one stop at the knock-off shop and bought a West Space shirt.
The thing about Anastasia's WESTSPACE shirts is the dollar sign has a minus in front of it, but, being on team West Space, it seemed like the right thing to do that I should get some white acrylic paint and change that minus into a plus.
Here I am feeling very positive, eating dinner before the opening.
And here I am at the opening, being very impressed by the muscles of another artist in the show, Audrey Tan.
The last thing I wanna say before I move on from talking about the Coming Soon exhibition is just a quick thanks to Danny, Kelly, Liang, and all the amazing crew at West Space. 
And so yeah, the other thing that happened on the day of the West Space opening is that it was announced in a little article in the new-spaper the totally amazing news that I'm one of the seven artists in the NEW14 exhibition, on now at ACCA, (the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art). 
But so ok, wait a sec, I've just remembered it's my friend Ben's birthday and I really should go out into the rain and say to him "Hey happy birthday Ben", and buy him a beer maybe, or I don't know, some dumplings. 

Plus this seems like a pretty good point to take a pause, and I'll pick it up from here on a new blog post after the weekend. 

And so yeah, I better run, thank you so much for reading, I hope you've been having a great after-new-n and I'll talk to you again really, really soon! 

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