Sunday, January 26, 2014

Waving the flag

Howzit bloody goin maaaaaate?! Happy Straya Day bro!

To get in the spirit of Australia Day the latest issue of the MX newspaper, in a similar way to how Google often plays with its logo, has replaced the X in mX with a criss crossed pair of Australian flag thongs. 
Getting into the spirit of the day myself, I shodily re-enacted MX's topical logo by making a quick painting and using my sculpture of Australian flag thongs. 
Clearly an mXcellent use of my sculpture, and of my time.

(On a side note, if you'd like to see the sculpture of the Australian flag thongs, I'm very excited to say that they are, along with a selection of my other grad show work, a part of a group show I'm in at West Space that opens this Thursday. Come along! Click on this sentence for all the details.)

Actually, on the topic of flags and newspaper front pages, maybe you can help answer something I've been a wondering... 

On the front page of the Sunday Herald Sun a few weeks back there was an article about how Melbourne soccer fans are getting particularly out of control, and in a photo they printed of a riot there was a big handmade flag of a scary Viking type guy. 

Here's a drawing I made of it.
Basically I have no idea what the scary Viking guy means. So yeah, if you have any ideas as to what this flag I've drawn is, or what it represents, please let me know!
One flag I do understand though is the iconic yeah flag, by the iconic Melbourne artist, Jon Campbell. 
If you walk into the National Gallery of Victoria right now you can buy the yeah on a tea towel. If you can fork out the dough you can even buy it on a tea towel in a frame. 

Here's a drawing I did of one of the framed tea towels.
As I was drawing the yeah a mother and daughter walked past and the mother said to me "Nice drawing love, but if the thing's under that glass how the heck am I supposed to dry my dishes?!"

Ha, "yeah, yeah" I laughed.
But anyway, thanks heaps for reading, and I should get going as I have some dishes to do myself, and a BBQ to head to, where I'll know doubt the barbie will have shrimp thrown on it as we listen to triple J, watch the tennis, get neknominated to skull a cask before getting my head kicked in and ending my night face down in a gutter while draped in my favourite flag. 

The fact that Australia Day celebrates the anniversary of our barbaric colonial invasion, a day that represents so much loss and mourning for so many people makes it a difficult event to get your head around, but whatever Australia Day means to you, I hope you're treating everybody even better than how you'd like be treated, and having yourself a rad day in this beautiful and amazing country.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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