Saturday, January 25, 2014

One concert to Rule them all

Sup homie, how's thug life treating you?

Last Sunday the rapper Ja Rule was in town doing a concert, and because my buddy Alex was once Ja Rule's biggest fan, we hopped in our ride and headed over to Toorak, the live music capital of Melbourne.

(On the off chance you've recently been busted upside your head and forgotten who Ja Rule is, he's the guy who made this timeless classic back in 2002.
Before we went to the gig here's a drawing I did of Ja while deciding whether or not I should wear a du-rag.
I didn't wear a du-rag, but I did wear the closest thing I could find, which was a bandana I'd originally made to wear to a friends pirate themed 21st party.

Here's a photo of me waiting for Ja, and as you can see I was looking both tough and classy, and certainly not dorky, as I drank a Passion Envy cocktail.
The cocktail cost $11, and so it made sense to get it instead of paying $9 for a beer. 

A Passion Envy is vodka, midori, malibu and lime, with a kiwi fruit dangling from the side of the glass dangerously close to my white t-shirt.

The next day I made this drawing of the chalkboard sign behind the bar.
Now I'm not going to criticise the sign, heaven forbid, but I guess what graphically stuck out to me about it was the weird way that the E in Envy went behind the cocktail glass, but the word vodka separated around it.

But anyway so I only wore the bandana for about 15 seconds before my buddy asked me to take it off, and it seemed maybe I wasn't the only person who was talked out of wearing one, as later on just in front of the venue I spotted someone else's abandoned bandana.
Maybe it was Ja Rule himself's bandana, and maybe he too had a friend who insisted that he shouldn't wear it. Maybe Ja's inability to decide between bandana or no bandana is why he was an hour and a half late for the show. 

Actually the fact that Ja Rule arrived so late is kind of funny given that his biggest hit is about always being on time. Once he hit the stage though nobody minded and time stood still as we danced to songs about murder.
After the set Al and I waited for about an hour outside the VIP section of the club, hoping to get a photo. Looking into the VIP section was just like watching Entourage, and probably the most exciting part of the night.
Despite having well and truly hid my bandana, Alex and I were, as expected, not allowed into VIP.

It would've been awesome if we'd got to meet him, all wasn't completely lost though because at this point I took out the 15cm ruler that I had in my pocket, (ha, that's not a euphemism), and after giving it to some guy in a suit it eventually made its way to Ja Rule and he signed it. I doubt he even realised what he was signing, but still, pretty cool, here it is, a Ja Ruler.
On the way home Alex and I went into one of those Hungry Jacks stores that's attached to a petrol station, and in the time it took Al to eat onion rings and a sloppy Whopper I harnessed the power of the Ja Ruler and made this even sloppier drawing. 
Ha, but so ok, 4 real yo, thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate it, and hopefully $ometime soon we can meet up in da club and pop some bottles, who knows, perhaps even passionate and envious ones, let's not Rule it out.

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