Saturday, January 04, 2014

Merry Swiftmas and a Happy Jewel Year

Hey, great to see you, it's January 4th so you're probably sick of hearing people say "Happy New Year!" by now aren't you?

Once more couldn't hurt though right?

Happy new year!

I kind of had to say it as it's pretty much the only reason I'm writing this blog post.

While we're talking though, I tore a ligament in my wrist a few months ago and so I went to the doctor today to make sure everything's healing as it should, anyway in the waiting room they had an old newspaper and from it I made this drawing of Taylor Swift.
I have this theory about Taylor Swift that she's kind of like the new Jewel. You know, they're both all American sweethearts, they've got similar looks and kind of have similar songs, just compare Jewel's You were meant for me with Swift's You belong to me.

Jewel me once, shame on you, Jewel me twice...

Ha, well, I don't know, maybe I've thought about this too much. Or actually maybe I haven't thought this through very much at all, for starters can I really say that Jewel is an all American Sweetheart, she's Canadian. Anyway both musicians are obviously really good at what they do and I always sing very loudly when either of their songs come on the radio.

I should probably also point out that I didn't draw Taylor Swift because I think she might be Jewel 2.0, really I just decided to draw her because I thought it was funny for the newspaper to print a photo of her from that angle.
Acrylic on A4 225gsm paper.

The other thing I really like about Taylor Swift is....wait a second, what the heck? A drawing of Kanye West? What's he doing on here?
Yo that's a nice drawing of Taylor, I'm really happy for you and I'ma let you finish, but this drawing of Beyonce is one of the best drawings from a newspaper of all time, OF ALL TIME!!!
Ha, yikes, sorry about that, I don't know what the Kanye drawing is talking about, clearly the Taylor drawing is much, much better than the Beyonce drawing. 

But so ok, I hope you're having a really great Christmas break and thanks heaps for reading. See you soon, and in the meantime I'm off to go play some guitar myself.

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