Sunday, December 15, 2013

Duck in the middle with you

Hey grown up how's it going? I'm a little bit closer to being a grown up myself now that school's out for ever. No longer am I an art student, now I'm just an art ist. 

Here's a photo taken of me just before I deinstalled the VCA Honours Grad Show, using a Nikon d90 DSLR to document my sculpture of a Nikon d90 DSLR.
And here I am using an iPhone 4s to document my sculpture of an iPhone 4s.
And after that, here I am eating Vegemite toast in front of my sculpture of a toaster, as well as drinking tea in front of my sculpture of a Mug, out of the mug that the sculpture was based on.
Yesterday I finally paid the overdue fine I had at the uni library which meant that I could access my results, and I'm very pleased to say that my marks weren't terrible. 

Can you believe I actually got dux?

Ha, no, I didn't really get dux, I'm sure plenty of people would've gotten higher marks than me. I don't even know if they award dux in Australia or if it's just something I learnt about from American TV. Coincidentally though I did actually get ducks. 

Two of them. 

Donald and Daffy. 

Here they are hiding in the ferns next to the duck garden ornament.
I was a bit annoyed when I first heard we got ducks, because we've had them before and gave them away because of the mess they make; ducks poo so much, way more than chooks, but then I actually saw the ducks and I didn't care about that at all.

Just looking at these guys makes me so happy.Wait, what was I trying to say before I started going on about ducks? Something about being a grown up. It doesn't matter. These ducks are cute, with their big beaky grins, quacking away as they waddle around never further than a meter apart. 

Best of all is that since we've got the ducks walking about my backyard now makes everything else in my head feel as humble, heartbreaking and hopeful as being in a Leunig drawing.
Thanks heaps for reading, hope you enjoy the nest of your day and I'll let you get quack to whatever it was you were doing.

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