Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Third War Down

Hey pal, this Saturday, November 16, at Third Drawer Down, at 2.15pm, I'm competing in an art battle.

Ha, it's gonna be just like 8 mile, except that instead of trying to be better than the other person using rhyme, you have to do it with drawing. 

It's called a "Back to Back Art Attack". Basically I think the idea is I sit with my back to the other artist and we both make a drawing for 20 minutes on a predetermined common theme. After that there's a silent auction.

I don't know how they decide who wins the Attack. I guess it's just whoever's work sells for the most. Hopefully that's the case, that way even if my work sucks I can still just bid really high on my own drawing and be crowned the winner.

The event is part of the 10th Birthday Party of Third Drawer Down, and all money raised goes to Arts Project Australia.

Arts Project Australia is awesome.

Arts Project Australia a not-for-profit organisation that provides artists with an intellectual disability with both a space to create art and a gallery to exhibit it. 

Arts Project Australia also do a good job at promoting their artists, which is how I found out about them. In fact because I was able to see the rad stuff coming out of there I was able to curate an Arts Project artist who's making some really cool work, Chris O'Brien, into the Kenneth Biennale back in June this year. 

For the Biennale Chris collaborated with his buddy, and my buddy, oil painter Christina Hayes. Here's a photo of the three of us taken at one of the openings.
And here's a photo of the hilarious work Chris and Christina created, titled Chicken Coop.
The artist from Arts Project Australia that I'll be art-attacking on Saturday is Eden Menta, I haven't been told what Eden picked as our common theme yet, but no matter what it is I'm sure it's gonna be pretty tough for me to win. As I said earlier, the work that comes out of Arts Project Australia is amazing.

Having said that though, I do intend on beating Eden. Ha, so yeah, this Saturday, come along and watch me try to do that.

(here's an image off the Third Draw Down website)
All up there's five battles happening. I'm on at 2.15 but there's three battles before it, the first one starts at 12. Oslo Davis, one of my very favourite drawers, is in the battle after mine, at 3 o'clock.

Click here to read a write up of the day by The Thousands. Other than what it says I don't really know what to expect, but I'm sure it'll be fun and hope to see you there!

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