Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rubbing Saltz in the wound

Hey pal, so in the last post I talked about how my bud Dan found that a photo of me pretending to tag a Rothko painting is being used to help explain the lyrics of a new Jay Z song on the website 

Today the story continues after my bud James told me that he'd seen the same photo in a link posted by the New York art critic Jerry Saltz on Saltz' Facebook page.

Saltz' link was to a page on, a New York based news and culture website. The site currently has a thing going where they're asking people to send in images featuring a photoshopped Saltz pointing at something, and amongst the examples they provide, ha, here is the second image on the page.
What nobody seemed to point out is that whoever photoshopped the image has reversed it so that I'm on the right side of Saltz. What's funny about that is that I only noticed because it makes me look left handed, there's no way I would've noticed that the actual Rothko painting is backwards. 

So the backstory of the Saltz image is that during October the street artist Banksy did what he called a New York City "residency"; producing a new work somewhere in New York every day of the month.

Here's the piece he did in the meatpacking district on day 11, titled Sirens of the Lambs.
So good. I thought about it only yesterday when I drove past a truck full of actual animals. I wound down my window and took this photo.
It was really distressing, just as loud as the Banksy piece but completely stripped of any silliness. How do we sheep at night?

So that was the piece Banksy did on October 11, but here's the piece he did on October 3.
And here's a photo of Jerry Saltz posing with the work, which is where the meme began.
It's a great photo. I don't know much about Saltz as an art critic, but I always liked him for being the encouraging judge on The Next Great Artist, a television show I always thought I'd do good on but would probably suck at.

But so yeah, that's all I wanted to say really, there's a cool website getting a lot of hits and it has an image of Jerry Saltz pointing at the Rothko vandal, except that it isn't the Rothko vandal at all, it's just me.

Also, with a little bit of further investigation I discovered that the Saltz photoshopping isn't even the first time has used the photo of me, they actually used it in an article they posted back in December last year when the Rothko vandal was officially sentenced to two years in jail.
The photo takes up the whole screen! 

So it's inevitable that pretty soon a lot of people who've seen the Saltz meme or the article about the jail sentence will now assume that I'm the one who tagged the Rothko and I'll probably get arrested. 

It'll be just like that episode of Friends where Joey does a modelling job for an ad about STD awareness and then when all the women he meets recognise him from it they make excuses to get away from him.

For the record though the guy who actually tagged the Rothko is Wlodzimierz Umaniec. He lives in England, is of Polish descent and is one year older than me.

To clear all this up I took a photo of the actual vandal onto photoshop and now once and for all, Saltz is finally pointing his fingers at the guilty man. 
But so yeah, thanks heaps for reading. Hope to see you soon.

Oh actually wait, one last thing; to level the scores, I re-did the image of Saltz pointing at me. It's pretty much the same, except that this time Saltz is the vandal and I'm doing the pointing.
Ha, that's it, I'm going to bed.

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