Sunday, November 24, 2013

Redden or not, here we come. (Part two of two)

Helllooooo again sports fans,

In the last post I talked about my interview with Brisbane Lions AFL player Jack Redden to be used as a floor sheet in an exhibition. The interview was printed onto fluro orange paper, to match the work on the walls, and stacked on the gallery window sill.

Next to the stack of interviews I hung four football cards of Jack Redden, which I'd spent a whole morning in the trading card section of the market tracking down.

Football cards, (and football stickers, football badges, and football tazos) were a big part of my childhood, and so after a morning of hunting through football cards just like old times, I knew I had to paint one. 

I decided that, continuing on from my Jack Redden interview project, it should be Redden whose card I paint, (even though I'm a very passionate Collingwood supporter and it felt a bit wrong focusing on a different team).

Now any football card enthusiast knows that what you really want is to get your card signed. For instance here's a card my Dad got signed for me in 1993 by my then favourite AFL player Saverio Rocca, (who has since switched leagues and now plays for the NFL), at some Collingwood "meet the players" day when I was 5.
But so yeah, in the very early stages of the painting my buddy Alex and I, who'd been planning to go on a road trip anyway, instead flew to Brisbane to get some sun and meet Jack Redden. 

To give you a little idea of how strange the trip was here's a photo I took when, while Al and I were waiting to catch a bus from our backpackers hostel to Jack's house, we noticed there was actually a photo of Jack on the side of the bus stop.
It was a pretty insane day. I'd never spoken to an AFL player before, let alone been invited to ones house, and as much of an awesome bloke as Jack is, it was pretty intimidating. The guy's 22 years old and had just bought what I think is his second house.
Here we are are together while I was getting the card signed.
Here's a photo of a sculpture of his favourite ice-cream, Bubble'O Bill, on his living room wall. I made it specifically for him to say thanks for having us over.
And, back in Melbourne, here's the finished painting. It's acrylic on board. 9 x 6.5cm. 2013.
Unfortunately the photo doesn't really show you the details I strained my poor eyes to achieve so I'll take a better photo really soon. But so there you go, thanks to Jack Redden, it's a painting of football card signed by the actual player. 

Thanks heaps for reading, Carn the Pies, and please join me for a drink and come see this painting, and many, many more, at the VCA Grad Show this week.

Actually the last thing I'll quickly mention, just to show you what an awesome guy Jack is, is that as I was leaving and telling him that I was about to go buy some shoes because I'd only brought a pair of thongs with me on the trip and we were hoping to get into some bars that night, he insisted on giving me an old pair of his shoes.

Here they are now next to my dog Perri, who has a chicken carcass in his mouth.
So now I officially wear shoes that were previously worn to kick goals by an AFL player. Amazing

But so ok, Perri has since buried the carcass and is now tugging at his leash, so I guess it's time for me to take him around the block. 

I'm actually planning on writing a second blog post today about the thongs I wore to Brisbane, so stay tuned for that a little later today, but first I'm gonna go walk a mile in a footballers shoes.

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