Saturday, November 23, 2013

Redden or not, here we come. (Part one of two)

Hellloooooo sports fans,

My Honours VCA Grad Show kicks off this Monday, November 25, and starting Tuesday is open 11am to 5pm everyday for a week. You are officially invited!

I thought I might take the opportunity to talk about one of my new paintings, so that you'll have a bit of context when hopefully you come see it.

Before I get to the painting though, for this 'part one' of the blog post I figure I'll get the ball rolling by just giving you a bit of backstory.

So basically the painting I'm talking about began from the collaborative show I had in December last year at Rearview Gallery with Jock Walker and Andy Treloar. 

The show was about having fun with trying to find an intersection between art and sport. 

One of the things the three of us did for the show was get into morph suits and drag a massive painting that we'd done on a rickshaw we'd built from Jock's Brunswick studio to the AFL Grand Final at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. 

From the MCG we then took the painting to Federation Square where the game was being broadcast live on the big screen, before finally taking it back to the Brunswick studio after security insisted we leave.

It was a pretty ridiculous day. The whole experience is a nice long story so I should really talk about it more another time, but for now here's a photo from the day. That's Andy pulling the rickshaw, Jock is covering his face with the smiley face bat and I'm the one riding the ginormous bike.

Anyway it just so happens that Jock's cousin; Jack Redden, plays AFL football for the Brisbane Lions, and so for the show we asked him if he would write something for us to be used as a kind of floor sheet.

Jack was happy to, but when with only a few days before the opening he still wasn't quite sure what to write, Jock and I decided that what might be better would be for me to write a list of questions for Jack to answer.

I loved coming up with the questions. After I'd spent the afternoon writing them I then ran them by Jock to make sure he was ok with me asking them. Most were, but for instance the question "What's the most money you've ever spent on a sandwich?", which when I wrote it I figured was a pretty harmless thing about how expensive sandwiches can be, was rejected because Jock rightfully pointed out to me that it could be seen as having a go at the amount of money footballers earn.

Another question, "Are you a stereotypical football player?", was also abandoned, because what the hell does that mean?

Ha, having said that though when Jock saw I was brainstorming puns he was all for me to include a Jack / Jacking off question, which I ultimately decided wasn't the tone we were going for. 

Anyway, so I sent the questions off and here's the result;


1. Who’s better, Jack Nicholson or Jack from Titanic? 
This could be very vain but I don't know who Jack Nicholson is so I'm gonna have to say Jack from Titanic. 

2. What’s a better song, Jumping Jack Flash or Hit the Road Jack? 
Hit the road jack!!!! <3

3. Besides oranges cut up into quarters, what do you eat on game day? 
Frog legs and on the odd occasion that we're up at half time we'll have oysters killpatrick. 

4. How did you spend your September 29, 2012 (Grand Final Day)? 
Up in Airlie Beach QLD, for an annual catch up with mates from Sacred Heart College. You’re testing my memory stick there. 

5. How good are you at whistling?  
Ha ha. I would rate my whistling skills above par. I can whistle like a bird, not exactly sure what kinda bird but I'm claiming it. 

6. How good are you at skateboarding?  
I'm horrendous, to say the least. I’ve always wanted to be a guru skateboarder because my older cousin Henry Jock was always good at it and he was my idol. But yeah, very average!!

7. You’re a cool guy, you got any tattoos?  
I have a tattoo on my bum, as does my housemate. Long story short we were a tad intoxicated & not one of my proudest moments. But I'm not a tattoo man & it's only minor. 

8. Sure you’re great at kicking goals, but do you have any bad habits you need to kick?
Agreeing to answer these epic art questions!

9. Would you consider yourself to be a Jack of all trades? 
Absolutely...........NOT. I'm as handy as tits on a bull!

10. If you went to the milk bar today to get an ice-cream, which one would you get? 
Bubble O bill!!

11. When’s the last time you were caught Lion? 
Not sure on what this question means? 

12. Are there any good books you’ve been Redden lately? 
Ha ha ha. I've read an auto bio about Andre Agassi which was a great read & also White Powder about a bloke who gets put away in one of the jails in South America for drug trafficking. So been Redden quite a bit lately. 

13. You’re driving along in your car at one in the morning, a cat runs out from nowhere and you accidentally run it over. Nobody’s around. You get out of the car and see that the cat is dead and has no collar. What do you do now? 
Ummm, I suppose I'd have to burry the poor thing. I love cats. What would you do? 

14. When you’re really hungry Jack what do you order from Hungry Jacks? 
Large Whopper meal hands down. Cheap, healthy, great service. Clean. Perfect !! 

15. Can you think of any similarities between art and sport? 
No, not really to be honest.

Jack couldn't have been more generous with his answers, even now I'm still amazed, what a great guy. 

My favourite answer is the one he gave to question 15.

But so yeah, that's probably enough of a backstory, hope you like the Jack Redden interview as much as I do, and tomorrow on this blog I'll show you the painting I made as a result of it.

Thanks heaps for reading, see you tomorrow!


  1. The first known skateboard was in the 1920's. Between the 1920's and 1930's created was a three wheeled metal device. By the 1940's, the first four wheeled aluminum skateboard were made. In the 1950's skaters were putting the wheels and trucks onto a plank of wood: homemade.

    1. Hey Tonni, great info about the timeline of skateboards. It goes without saying that skateboard fun facts are always very much appreciated on this blog. I do have to say though that it feels a little out of nowhere, but I guess not quite as I did mention skateboards in one of my questions for Jack. I can't tell if you're a person or a robot but either way thanks heaps for the comment and come on baby let the good times roll!