Friday, November 29, 2013

Chup, Chup and away!

Hey there squawky, hope you're feathers are unruffled and you're feelin' nice and chirpy.

This morning while sitting the VCA Grad Show a little birdy told my buddy Christina that someone had bought one of her painting's, and so as a congratulatory something to remember her piece by, now that it's flown the coop, I made her this little drawing of the bird in her painting.
Acrylic on A4 225gsm paper. (Detail study of a painting by Christina Hayes).

And after handing Christina the drawing, here she is herself infront of her painting that the drawing was drawn from.
Ha, so as you can see we're very busy down here at the VCA Grad Show today.

Drawing aside though, and in the spirit of killing two birds with one blog post, the other thing I'll mention real quick is that I'm very happy to have been invited to put several of my Chupa Chup sculptures into a group show that opens tonight at the new artist run commercial type space, Fort Delta.

So yeah, the gallery is shop 59 in the Capitol Arcade, which is at 113 Swanston Street, and so if you're around the city please come join me and the eleven other artists in the show for a drink or two to help wrap up another busy week.

The Chupa Chup sculptures are all acrylic on clay, (with a plastic stick). Here's a photo from when I very briefly installed them on the counter of my local 7-11.

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