Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unrelated news

Hey! I feel like I haven't written here in a while. Hi, how've you been? 

In theory class today we watched a scary movie and now I'm anxious. 

I feel like that should lead up to a joke or something, ha, but no, I just thought I'd let you know that while I'm writing this I'm a bit shaken up. It's kind of embarrassing how much scary movies effect me.

Do scary movies scare you? Is that something you can relate to? I doubt it, you're probably much tougher than me, but anyway scary movies aren't related to this at all, what I really wanted to start this off by mentioning is that I just added an "UPCOMING" section onto my website. 
So yeah, I'll keep updating that and so feel free to check in on it from time to time, if you're not yet sick of the site of me.

The first thing I've put into UPCOMING, which is pretty rad, is this group show at The Projects Gallery that opens on Saturday, 4-7pm. If you're free it'd be awesome if you can make it to the opening.
I installed my work there the other day and yeah, the show's looking great, really hope you get a chance to come down to Belgrave and see it.

In other unrelated news, on Monday I decided to draw a picture of AFL footballer Adam Goodes over the length of time I spent watching Eddie McGuire on TV.

Adam Goodes is pretty amazing.
So here's the result of that.
(Paint marker on an A3 piece of 225gsm paper).

In other unrelated news, I spent last Sunday with just about everyone I'm related to.

It was my Pop's 90th birthday. 

Here's a blurry photo I took of his hand cutting the birthday cake.
In other unrelated news, here's a photo of my third drawer down.
In other unrelated news, a couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to do a job for the shop Third Drawer Down, where I made 8 drawings that very excitingly are being used as icons on Third Drawer Down's relaunched website. 

Pretty awesome, here's a screenshot I took of my drawings in their new home.
I really love doing this kind of work. The slinky was probably my favourite to draw.

And finally, in other unrelated news, I'm still feeling a bit funny after watching that scary movie and so I think I'd better wrap this up and go watch a cartoon or something. 

Thanks heaps for reading, hope you're doing good and hope to see you relatively soon.


  1. ooh what was the scary movie?

    1. Hey s, I was reluctant to mention the name of the scary movie because I didn't want you to be all like, "You're a baby, that's not scary at all!" Ha, but that's ok, you can say that, I am a baby. The movie was Ring. (The japanese film that is, not to be confused with "The Ring")
      Thanks heaps for the comment!

    2. oh i have seen that it was scary as shit, totally justified!