Monday, August 26, 2013

Naked People, Charcoal, and Perth.

Hey so it occurred to me the other day that I can't remember the last time I saw someone naked.

Like any normal person who has that realisation, I figured the obvious easiest way to fix this was to do some life drawing.

So that's what I did, I went to a three day life drawing workshop, and here's a couple of photos from that. 
I should probably point out that I had the life models' permission to take the photos.
I should also point out that none of the drawings were finished at the time I took these photos.
Another thing I just thought of that I also want to point out, unrelated to this, is that three times in the last three days I've seen somebody drinking an Egg Flip flavoured Big M. 

It's not like I've been around a lot of people either, mostly I've just been by myself, so three feels like heaps.

Have you tried the Egg Flip flavoured Big M? I guess it'd just taste like egg nog yeah? I do like egg nog a lot. You know what, that settles it, sometime tomorrow I'm gonna buy an Egg Flip flavoured Big M. Great. Ha, I can't imagine you're very interested but I'll be sure to let you know what I think of it.

Wait, so what was I talking about? Oh right, life drawing, cool.

I think the arm in this drawing might actually be the thing I was most happiest with from the entire three days.

Back when I was in tafe we used to do life drawing every Thursday. I'd kind of forgotten how much fun charcoal is. 

Charcoal's a medium that forces you to think in tone, which is something I'm consciously trying to improve because, as you can see from the above images, I'm much stronger working in line.

With this in mind the next day I gave myself a little challenge to use a stick of charcoal to draw whoever was sitting opposite me on the train.
As the man was getting ready to get off the train I showed him the drawing. 

The man was friendly. He said "Good on ya mate, I'd shake your hand if it wasn't black... I don't mean it like that. You know, your hand is dirty. Because of the charcoal. Ha, you know what I mean".

Ha, but so yeah, my hand was real grubby.

That's the thing with charcoal, it's stupidly impractical. It makes that loud fingernail-on-chalkboard screech, it leaves you and everything around you filthy, and on top of that every once in a while you'll be halfway through drawing a line, applying no more pressure than you'd been using the last hour, and suddenly the end of your charcoal stick will snap right off and fly away like a little blackbird.

The other thing about charcoal is that it never seems to set. Even after I've carefully gotten the drawing home and sprayed it twice in fixative I'm still worried about it smudging. 

Having said all that though, I do love charcoal.
(Charcoal on a A4 piece of 225gsm paper).

But so alright, now that I'm done talking about having hands people don't want to touch and spending three days looking at naked people, it seems like as good a time as any to move onto telling you that tomorrow I'm going to Perth!

I'm flying over in a Virgin aeroplane to install a piece in a group show at Moana Gallery. Here's the flyer.
Curated by Perth born Melbourne based Chelsea Hopper, the exhibition's called The Aesthetics of Disengagement, and "explores the way in which contemporary art acts as a powerful yet largely unacknowledged player in the articulation of depression in Western culture."

I'm pretty excited about this show, which is a little funny given that the show's mostly about depression.

I haven't been to Moana yet, (It rhymes with goanna, that's how I've been remembering the name), but the space looks rad and seems to have some pretty intense architecture.

I'm also just excited about getting away and walking around Perth for a bit, I imagine that surely it'll be more relaxing than the last time I was there. (Click here to read a thing I wrote about the only other time I've been to Perth).

But so yeah, if you're in Perth this week send me an email if you wanna get a coffee, or a beer, or I don't know, an Egg Flip flavoured Big M. 

At the very least though, please come to the opening at Moana this Thursday night, (August 29), from 6-8pm. It's gonna be a lot of fun.

Moana Gallery is in "The heart of Perth's CBD" at 1F 618 Hay Street, and if you can't make it to the opening the show runs from August 30 to September 28.

Thanks heaps for reading, hope you're going good and hope to see you soon.

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