Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Political Artist (Part Two). Or; Why the long face?

So hey, as of about ten days ago Prime Minister Kevin Rudd introduced a new policy where Australia will now turn away all asylum seekers. 

Obviously if you want to know more about the issue then this blog is not the place to start. I don't know anything. Although that isn't to say I haven't been trying to understand, I've been reading a lot.

As well as reading I went along to a massive protest against Rudd's new policy held last Saturday at the Melbourne State Library.
At the protest not only did I support the freedom of asylum seekers, but also I drew a horse.
While I was doing the drawing a policewoman came up behind me. "Oh hey" I said, "I'm just doing a little drawing".

"Yeah I know" she said warmly, "I was watching when you started and was just coming back to see how it's going".

She then told me that the horse I'd just drawn is 14 years old.

She then told me that if she wasn't working she might've actually come along to join in the protest.
Paint marker on 225gsm paper. 21 x 29cm.

I think what I find most funny, or interesting, or something, is that despite how urgent this seems to be the media still treats it with no less or more importance than they do with any of the other news items.

For example here's the full page government paid ad explaining the new Australian policy, and to the right of it, taking up almost as much space in the newspaper, is an article about how great it is that pop star Pink has just arrived in Australia. 
This is pretty much the same idea I was playing with in the poem thing I wrote in 2011; Nightly News.

The seekers of asylum riot,
they set the detention centres on fire,
send in back-up, get more barbed wire,
there's a pretty good sale on at Myer.
Speaking of which, I'm very excited to announce that Nightly News has been selected to be a part of Channels, the Australian Video Art Festival.

I guess I'll write more about it when it gets a bit closer, but so yeah, on Thursday September 19, you'll be able to watch it up on the big screen at ACMI, (the Australian Centre for the Moving Image). Amazing!

Anyway thanks heaps for reading, I have to go cook some dinner now, I'm so hungry I could eat a drawing of a horse.

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