Sunday, July 21, 2013


Hey skinny, how've you been? Hope you're feeling as happy as this meal.
This is just a quick blog post about an exhibition that's come out of the protests to stop a McDonalds being built in Tecoma, (a suburb near my house).
The protesters have been fighting their cause for a long time now, it's been going on for ages. You probably don't remember but I actually wrote a blog post about it all the way back in November, if you'd like to read it just click on the last word of this sentence.

So yeah, a lot of the Tecoma local business' have showed their support to the protesters, one in particular being DVD Destination, who have actually allowed a significant amount of their store to be turned into an art gallery.
The Gallery's called Fatspace.
The first exhibition at Fatspace is called Fast, fried and fatal,
and I'm very McHappy to say that I was invited to include my Large Fries sculpture in the show.

It's acrylic on wood. 

Here's the work.
Here's a detail of the work.
Here's me sitting next to the work.
And here's me, right now, writing this blog post in the Ferntree Gully McDonalds, enjoying the free wifi, free newspaper and for only three dollars I got a double cheeseburger, a small fries and a cup of water.
So yeah, if you're hungry for some McDonalds themed art definitely check out Fatspace, I think it's a really, really good show and I'm proud to have my little piece amongst it.

Fast, fried and fatal runs until July 25. Fatspace is open 12-4, Thursday to Sunday.
If you wanna know more about the protest, click here to go to the anti-McDonalds in Tecoma facebook group

and click here to go to the pro-McDonalds in Tecoma facebook group.

McAnyway, McThanks for reading and McHope to see you soon. 

To finish this blog post off, here's some photos I took of a couple of my favourite slogans that are written on the protest wall.

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