Sunday, July 21, 2013

Long time listener, first time tweeter

Hey pal, so here's something, guess what, last Sunday, out of no-where, I got a tweet from the Fifi & Jules radio show! Crazy right?!
All it said was "Great illustrations mate!", so the message was pretty short and tweet, but I got such a thrill out of it.

I'm a big fan of the Fifi and Jules radio show and have been a listener ever since the start of 2011 when they took over the 4-6pm time slot from my all time favourite radio show, Hamish & Andy.

Anyway so I sent a tweet back saying thanks and not long after that they sent me another tweet with a little request for me to try and draw them.

I happily took on the challenge and said I'd have it done by the next day.

After that I went out for lunch with my best buds Al and Nel.

Al and Nel hadn't pulled up from the night before quite as well as I had which meant they weren't quite as good company as they usually are.
When I finally managed to pull myself away from all that lively conversation I got home and worked away on a bunch of studies for the drawing. By around about the time I was eating my next lunch I'd finished it. 

Given that Fifi has just had a baby girl, and that a big part of last weeks shows were jokes around the fact that Fifi keeps breastfeeding her baby in front of Jules and the other crew on the show, I figured I'd work that into the drawing as well.

So yeah, here it is, hope you like it.
It's paint marker and acrylic on paper. 29.5 x 42cm.

If you'd like to commission me to do a picture of you breastfeeding, (or even a picture unrelated to breastfeeding), then simply look up at the sky and wait for a shooting star to wish upon, or better yet, just send me an email.

Anyway hope you've got a smile on your dial, thanks heaps for tuning in.


  1. could you please draw me kenny so i can hand it in to university please. i was going to steal a painting from revolver but this might be better. from bridget. my email is

    1. Hey Bridget thanks for the message, yeah I can probably draw you, but only if in exchange you steal a painting for me from revolver.

      Ha, no, I guess you don't have to do that. But so ok, I'll stop replying here and write you an email.