Friday, July 19, 2013

Judging a magazine by it's cover

Hey pal, I've decided that before I eat toast and go to bed tonight I really wanna update this blog and say hi to you.

So yeah, hi! How've you been?

Today while I was waiting to drive my friend home from the doctors, (#greatguy), I started drawing this woman, (#creepyguy).
Selfishly, the sick woman went to see the doctor before I could finish drawing her.
And so this is where the drawing finished.
(Paint marker on 225gsm paper. 21x29.5cm).

Once I stopped drawing I started watching the Channel Seven news on the TV up against the ceiling. 

They were reporting about the thousands of people who are outraged over Rolling Stone magazine putting Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover of their latest issue.
A lot of people are really upset and angry, saying it's disgusting to present this guy as if he's a rockstar. 

Here's a drawing I drew of the news headline about Tsarnaev back in April when the Boston Bombings happened. 

(Paint marker on 225gsm paper. 21x25cm).

Tonight, using a marker and some pretty basic photoshop skills, I quickly adjusted the image of my scanned drawing to make it current with the latest Tsarnaev headline.
During the week of the Boston Bombings I was by myself in Perth and watched the 24 hour live updates constantly. It was horrific and I found it hard to stop watching. Like a lot of people, it really shook me up. wrote about the experience a little bit here.

I don't know how I feel about Rolling Stone putting Tsarnaev on their magazine cover. Rolling Stone is a great magazine, everybody who's read it knows that, but it does seem obvious Rolling Stone must've known that by doing it they were going to hurt a lot of people.

I guess Rolling Stone probably felt they had to put Tsarvaev on their cover for the same reason I felt I had to draw him. I'm still not exactly sure what that reason is though.

Anyway after seeing the news I really wanted to read the Rolling Stone article, so I went to get a copy of the magazine, (which I guess is the real reason they put Tsarnaev on their cover).  

At the newsagent I found that the new issue isn't out here yet. Here's a photo of the issue we're up to in Australia.
I wonder if anyone was outraged that Rolling Stone put Mumford & Sons on their cover. I doubt it though, those guys are the bomb.

But so ok, I'm rambling, really I just wanted to say hi. Thanks heaps for reading, and now I'm finally going to eat toast and go to bed. Night.

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