Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Hill the world, make it a better place

Hey hill billy, how the hill are ya?

I thought I might take a minute to try and explain a little about the work I put together that's in the current exhibition at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery. 
Ok, this is pretty confusing but I'll try my best to talk you through it.

Basically my friend, whose name is Chris Hill, curated the show on at the Margaret Lawrence Gallery, under the title Third/Fourth: Artist Facilitated Biennale.

I was really excited to have been asked if I'd like to put a work in the show. 

As Amy and I were organising the Kenneth Biennale at the same time, I asked Chris if my work in his Biennale could be constructing a small Pavilion for the Kenneth Biennale.

As a little nod to Chris Hill, who was very great to say yes, for the Kenneth Biennale Pavilion I decided to build a Hill, and ask seven different artists named Chris, if they'd like to put a work on it. 

And so my work within Chris Hill's show, is a Chris Hill.

If I didn't explain that clearly enough let me know, but if you're still with me, here's some photos of the hill.
The seven artists on the hill areChris Clarke, Chris Sciuto, Christine Pittock, Christina Hayes, Chris O'Brien, Chris Hill, and Christo Crocker

I'll give you a quick tour of each of the works.

This is by Chris Clarke, it's a very small LG fridge and is titled Life's Good

The brand of fridge and title references Chris Hill's full name; Chris LG Hill.
An image of fake food on a fake fridge, Life's Good is pretty great.

It's made of steel, a digital print and a magnetic strip.
This is Burning Ying Yang, by Chris Sciuto.

It's acrylic on material on a mirror. Here's me reflecting in it.

This is a charcoal pencil drawing by Christine Pittock, or as I call her, Mum.

It's 42 x 29.7cm. My Mum's a nurse, as far as I know this is the only drawing she's drawn while I've been alive. She drew it while we were sitting on the couch together, I think in 2001.
I got it out of the bin and kept it all these years. It was pretty awesome to be able to put my Mum into a show at Margaret Lawrence Gallery.
This next work is a collaboration between Christina Hayes and Chris O'Brien.
The two figures in the work are both the artists.

I had a lot of fun installing this work, it's so much fun to play with.
It's titled The Chicken Coup.
This is No problems, by Chris Hill.  
During the opening Chris put a real tulip in with the fakes.

The mug was sourced from the Margaret Lawrence Gallery kitchen.
This is by Christo Crocker. It's titled Christo's. As in, Chris toes. 
It's made of plasticine. Toe puns aside, it's a really beautiful work.
The toes are in a position where they almost look like they're poking out, with the rest of a body hiding under the hill.
Speaking of what's under the hill though, it's actually made up of bags of crisps.

Crisp Hill.

I explained it in this painting, hung behind the hill.

Here I am at Aldi buying a hills worth of crisps, (and also sampling the grapes).
Ok cool, I think that's enough for now. If you're in Melbourne, after reading this you should go and actually visit the Chris Hill. 

I wish it could be Chris-mas all year long, but sadly the show finishes this Saturday afternoon. Margaret Lawrence is open every day from now until then, 12-5pm.

It's kind of a funny, humble little pun of a hill, but there's some really great work on it and I think this is a piece that could grow, get more Chris' and then be shown again one day, so if you're name is Chris and you'd like to be a part of a future Chris Hill, please contact me!

Thanks heaps for reading, see you soon.

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