Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life is like a P.O Box of chocolates

Hey pal, how is everything? Are you warm enough? Are you eating well? Getting enough sleep? Are you alright for money? Nobody's picking on you are they? You'd tell me if they were wouldn't you? 

Ok good. It's only because I care.

In other news, for my birthday on the weekend I got one of the best presents ever, (Thanks again Cherie!), my very own P.O Box!

You can see it here, located behind the lady rolling a smoke.
I've gone down and checked the box 3 times in the last 3 days and each time there's been nothing in it. 

I'm probably going to continue checking it every day for the rest of my life so please write to me, you literally have know idea how happy that would make me.

Kenny Pittock. P.O Box 7127. Upper Ferntree Gully. Victoria. Australia. 3156.

If you'd like to send me something but you're unsure what, well, I collect other peoples shopping lists, so if you find one, or you've made one and are done with it, please put it in an envelope and send me my first letter.

Here's three lists I found in the last week.
If you do send me a shopping list, (fingers crossed), I'll happily put it on this blog with a very special thank you. 

Ok, I think I just heard the Postie so I'd better get back down to my P.O Box and make sure it's still empty. Thanks for reading. Now go put a jacket on for heavens sake the last thing you want to do is catch a cold.


  1. I'll send you lots of stuff when I get organized...maybe next week...

    1. Hey Tina, great to hear from you. Oh boy, oh boy, this is very exciting!

  2. I want a PO box! I've never really thought of getting one, maybe I will now.

    - Jake.

    1. Hey Jake, thanks heaps for the comment. Yeah it's pretty great, a P.O Box will definitely change your life for the better.

  3. Cool, Thanks Kenny, and ill be sure to send you stuff very soon! Maybe even a list :)

    From Jake