Monday, April 08, 2013

Testing my skills

Hey pal, how've you been? 

I haven't written anything here in a little while so I figured today's the day. So yeah, here's something I've been thinking about this morning.

I'm 24 and I've never left Australia, and putting aside the obvious fact that I don't really have the money, it's just never really been a priority for me. 

The last six months or so though I've been starting to change my mind a little bit, I'd love to go everywhere. 

Well, nearly everywhere.

One thing I've decided, as a result of going to the shopping centre this weekend, is that I no longer ever need to go to Paris;

Why would anyone want to go to Paris when we've got a perfectly good Eiffel Tower right here at Fountain Gate?
To get the most out of the great structure I stopped by France again the next day to eat my breadstick and drink my red wine.
The nearest I had to an appropriate stripy shirt is my Collingwood top, the stripes are vertical not horizontal, but it's close enough.
Also, I was driving, so instead of red wine I was drinking Ribena blackberry juice.

I find dunking the crusty bread in the Ribena makes it a lot easier to eat. 
I'm pretty sure that's how the French do it.
After leaving the Eiffel Tower I went into Sanity and, much like my outfit, I couldn't decide between a football dvd and a So Frenchy So Chic cd.
In the end I decided to just get a Boost Juice. 

Here I am waiting for it, which was actually a lot more embarrassing than I was expecting. 
This whole thing was pretty dumb, and I might not've put it onto this blog except that having accomplished everything I could've hoped to in France, as I was leaving Fountain Gate I came across this Footy Fever themed Skill tester.
There was a ball standing on it's end that I thought I might be able to knock down with my breadstick. I couldn't get it, but I just about broke my wrist trying. 

After my failed attempt at getting the ball using bread, I decided to put in a gold coin. 

And so, much like Collingwood did to Carlton yesterday, I had the skills and won the football.

The poor skill tester didn't know what it had been up against though, my skills have already been tested many a time, as in my past life I was actually once a skill tester junkie.

And so to finish off this blog post here's a very old photo of a collection I made, I think in 2004 or 5, in the summer between year ten and year eleven. 

It's called "49 toys I won on the skill tester using only money earned from busking with a yo-yo".

I guess that's enough for now, I should get back into the studio. Thanks heaps to Cherie Peele for taking the photos. And thank you to you, for reading this. Hope you're having a great day, see you soon.


  1. Cool blog post!

  2. To Kenny,
    We welcome you too our beautiful country.
    Please come back soon, we appreciate your contribution to the French Nation.
    Jean Claude
    French lord

    1. Ha. To Jean Claude, hey, thanks a lot for the kind message, I'm a little star struck, it's not every day I get to talk to a French lord. I'll be sure to return to your country the first chance I get. Thanks again, Kenny.

  3. Now I want to go to Paris in Fountain Gate too...but the boquete in the skills tester--that was so wrong.

  4. Hey Tina, yeah you should definitely head over to Paris in Fountain Gate if you get the chance, it's lovely this time of year.
    Using a bread stick in a skill tester was definitely worth a shot, in the end though I learnt if you actually want a football you'll have to use the claw.
    Thanks heaps for reading, hope all's well, Kenny.