Thursday, January 17, 2013

Where's your Ed at?

Hey pal, what's news? Been out painting the town Ed?

So one thing I heard a bit of when I'd describe my petrol station project to people was "Oh petrol station photos? Like Ed Ruscha yeah?"

This is of course referring to the great work TWENTY-SIX GASOLINE STATIONS, made by the great Californian artist Ed Ruscha, in 1962. 

As the title suggests, Ed's work consisted of 26 photographs of gasoline stations, turned into a book.
Being compared with Ed Ruscha is never a bad thing, I love Ed Ruscha so much, but our works are completely different. 

I guess the main differences are that his photos are all of different petrol stations, they could have all been taken on the same day and they have no real narrative. 

I think the big similarity between our works though, aside from them both obviously being made up of photographs of petrol stations, is that the anecdote, or idea of the work, is a lot more interesting than the actual photos.

If you wanna learn more about Ed you can find pretty comprehensive coverage of his work over at Artsy if you click here. Or of course you can go to the library, there's some good books on him too.

One interesting thing that I read in an Ed Ruscha book, (well, I mean, I think it's interesting, ha, there's a good chance you're not interested at all), is that when Ed gave a copy of TWENTY-SIX GASOLINE STATIONS to Andy Warhol, apparently Warhol told him the first thing he noticed is that none of Ed's 26 photos have people in them.

In contrast to this I think that the people in my petrol station photos are probably my favourite part.

Anyway, as a jokey little reference to all of thisI decided to make this painting.
It's acrylic on board. 

I made the painting in the style of Ed's text paintings, in particular ANOTHER HOLLYWOOD DREAM BUBBLE POPPED and I DON'T WANT NO RETROSPECTIVE.

My painting is 37cm x 29cm, which is exactly half the dimensions of Ed's text paintings. 

I made my painting exactly half the dimensions of Ed Ruscha's paintings because I figure I'm exactly half the painter, and at least half the man, that Ed Ruscha is.
Anyway thanks heaps for reading, try to keep your Ed held high, at the same time try to keep your Ed out of the clouds, and if possible try not to run around like an Ed-less chicken.

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