Friday, January 04, 2013

The sticky truth about Anthony Listers success

Hey so finally I've figured it out, the reason as to why I'm not a big art star like the great Brisbane artist Anthony Lister.

I've always loved Anthony Listers work, so I'm surprised I didn't figure this out sooner.

You wanna know the reason why I'm not a big art star like the great Brisbane artist Anthony Lister? 

Gather round and I'll tell you. 

The reason that I'm not a big art star like the great Brisbane artist Anthony Lister is... drumroll........... because Anthony Lister has his own sticker. 

Of course!

Maybe you've seen it around, the LISTER sticker. The secret to all of Anthony's success. 

Here's a detail of a work I did around the middle of 2012 where I got my hands on one of the stickers and used it in a painting I did of a bottle of Listerine. 

And here's an image I found on Google, (attributed to, of one of the stickers stuck on to the front of Listers shades.

Sure some critics might try and tell you that the reason the great Brisbane artist Anthony Lister is a big art star is because he's extremely talented, works extremely hard and is making work that's extremely interesting and exciting, and oh, silly me, up until now that's what I thought as well, but no, I was wrong, Anthony's secret is actually all in his sticker.

The only thing I know for certain in this crazy world is that if you want to stick out then you need to get yourself a sticker.

Gee, it's too bad I don't have a sticker.

Waaaait a minute, what's this...
(As convincing as it looks, my photo wasn't also taken at drivenbyboredom dot com, it was taken in Spotlight).
But so keep an eye out for the sticker. Here's a few sightings I've come across in some of the hippest spots around town.

Already the sticker is working. A lot of people are saying that I'm basically the new Banksy. I haven't heard anybody actually say it out loud, but it's pretty easy to tell that that's what they're thinking.On a side note though, I was jamming with my pal Cherie earlier in the week, ("jamming" is cool music lingo, what it really means is we were learning the chords to Coldplay's Yellow on piano and guitar), when I noticed this sticker on Cherie's sisters guitar case.Maybe I'm being paranoid but I can't help noticing a few similarities between my sticker and the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY sticker. I think they might've ripped me off.Don't worry though, it's ok, MAKE POVERTY HISTORY and MAKE NOVELTY HISTORY are both great causes.In fact, to show there's no hard feelings, here's a link to MAKE POVERTY HISTORY's website, click on this sentence to see how you can help out their cause.(and if MAKE POVERTY HISTORY are as big a person as I am then I'm sure they'll return the favour and put up a link to this blog on their website).Anyway, it's pretty great having my own sticker, all that's left for me to do now is to sit back with my feet up and wait for the fame and the fortunes.
To speed the process up just a little I went to the gift shop at the Fed Square National Gallery and slipped a sticker into each of the Anthony Lister books. 
 I think it's pretty safe to say that anybody interested in reading a book on the great Brisbane artist Anthony Lister will be equally as interested in reading this blog. Well, they will now, now that I've got a sticker.
I could probably end this blog post here but I'll stick it out just a little bit longer.So I took the stickers to the cinema the other night and as well as self promotion, I discovered another use for them.Before the film started I put about 20 of the stickers on the seats directly surrounding my friend Amy and I.Rather than have 20 people read the sticker, it turned out that those 20 seats were pretty much the only seats in the cinema that didn't get sat on, I guess people must've assumed the sticker said reserved or wet seatI didn't mind that nobody read the stickers like I'd planned, I much preferred to not have to share my arm rests.I bet Anthony Lister uses the same trick with his stickers when he goes to the movies.But so yeah, if you'd like to get your hands on a sticker or two, (my one that is, not Anthony Listers or the one about poverty), then just send me an email. Alternatively, if you don't know how to send emails, the other way to get a sticker is to go to the Woolworths in Ferntree Gully because as a little tribute to a great Lister painting I once saw and loved that had the Fruit Loops toucan in it, I put one of my stickers inside every box of Fruit Loops on their shelves.
But so ok, that's enough for now about art stars and the great Brisbane artist Anthony Lister and poverty and cinema seating and Fruit Loops. It's forty degrees and I'm going to the lake. 

This has been a pretty long post, thanks heaps for sticking around. Hope to see you soon.


  1. Hello Kenny. This is a great blog post, very funny. I would love to have a sticker of yours. Thanks

  2. Hey Anonymous, (that's a very pretty name), thanks a lot for the comment. Send me an email ( and I'll send you out some stickers.