Monday, January 21, 2013


Hey pal, good to see you.

So ok, I talked about the exhibition I was in at Alaska Projects two blog posts ago, but I guess what I didn't mention about that show is the top I wore to the opening.

In honour of the brilliant Sydney artist Tom Polo, who curated the show, I dug up one of my year eleven high school shirts and with a few hours to go before the opening I rummaged around Kings Cross until I found a tube of paint and a brush.

And so here's the result; Tom Polo and me in my Tom polo.

I wore the shirt until the very end of the opening, (despite it being really cold), and at the end of the night I gave the shirt to Tom.
I'm really proud to have been a part of such a great show. Here's a photo with some of the amazing people I was lucky enough to set it up with.
On the right of that photo is Western Australian artist George Egerton Warburton.

I didn't know George before the trip but we were sharing a small two bed hotel room for half a week, and became best buds very quickly.

George and I would come home from a night of wandering about Kings Cross, get into our beds, turn on the TV and fall asleep watching Survivor.

Speaking of Survivor, did you hear Destiny's Child have gotten back together?

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