Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Don't just stand there, Crust a move!

Hey, great to see you, here's one, it's not art related though, it's pizza related, but I'm sure we can both agree that pizza is much better than art.

I went to the shopping centre the other day, just to sort of run in and donate a large sum of money to charity, like I do most mornings before I head over to volunteer down at the soup kitchen.

As I was leaving the shopping centre and got back to my car I saw that there was a menu for Crust Pizza underneath my windscreen wiper.
At first I felt pretty special, like maybe Mr. Crust had spotted me as I was leaving my car, heard my grumbling tummy and knew that only his pizza would satisfy my hunger. I figured he was too shy to talk to me so he must've just left me the menu.

That would've been fine.

But then I saw that all the other cars in the car park also had menus.
A lot of people didn't even bother removing the menus before getting in their cars and driving away.
Easily persuaded by a great marketing strategy, I walked across the highway to Crust Pizza and ordered a large Aussie. 

I collected my pizza and took it back to the car park to eat it there.
Leaving their menus underneath windscreen wipers was pretty effective, it worked on me, but at the same time it was also a little too obvious. It's been done.

I decided what might be a better calling card for Crust Pizza would be to just leave actual pizza crusts under peoples wipers. 
So here's two cars with the original boring old Crust Pizza menus.
And here they are again, revamped, after I've replaced the menus with delicious Crust Pizza pizza crusts. 
That oughta get those drivers hungry for Crust Pizza.

At the last minute though I decided that maybe Crust Pizza wasn't ready for my bold marketing ideas, and more importantly, Crust Pizza probably wouldn't even be able to handle all the business they'd receive if I'd left those crusts there.

So before I left, I replaced the pizza crusts with my own sticker, the one I talked about in the last post.
And then I fed the pizza crusts to this reindeer.
Anyway, the pizza was great, and after I'd eaten it my friend and I finally drove off to volunteer down at the soup kitchen.

Driving home later that night I convinced myself that if Crust Pizza is allowed to put their marketing onto my car when I'm not around, then surely I'm allowed to put my marketing onto their shop when they're not around.

So to get myself in on a slice of the action, I pulled up at the shop and sticky taped a bunch of my stickers to their window. 
Just a friendly hi.
And that's the story of how I wasted an afternoon.

I'm sure as soon as the Crust Pizza staff found my stickers the next morning they excitedly logged on to this blog, and it won't be long now before Crust Pizza are buying my work and hanging it on the walls of their pizza store.


  1. I love crust pizza, I love stickers, I love Kenny's blog, your great!

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