Sunday, December 02, 2012

Jodie Fosters birthday

Hey, so you know Jodie Foster? Sure you do, the American actress and film director, she's been in a million movies. I don't know many of them, actually I think Silence of the Lambs is the only one I've seen, but she was pretty good in that though hey.

Here's Clarice on a late night talk show spinning a basketball on her finger.
Apparently Jodie Foster also did the voice of Maggie in a recent episode of The Simpsons, although I haven't seen the episode. 
Admitting you haven't seen an episode of The Simpsons is always a bit of a shameful thing to do; we're all expected to have seen every one. Fortunately, admitting I haven't seen this particular episode; Four Great Women and a Manicure staring Jodie Foster as Maggie, is a lot less shameful than any other episode because apparently, and not to say that this is in any way a reflection on what I'm sure is an Oscar worthy voiceover performance by Jodie Foster, Four Great Women and a Manicure is the "lowest rating episode in terms of viewers in the shows history".

If it isn't already obvious I should point out that the reason I'm getting all my information from wikipedia and talking mostly about The Simpsons is because I don't really know a whole lot about Jodie Foster. Somebody who does know a whole lot about Jodie Foster though is the hilarious Sydney based artist Daniel Mudie Cunningham.

Since 1996 Daniel's been working on an obsessive and loving series of Jodie Foster fan art titled The Jodie Foster Archive. Here's a link to Daniels website. And here's a photo of Daniel, taken from the website.

The other day, on Monday, November 19, Jodie Foster turned 50, and to mark the occasion Daniel asked a small handful of people to film a message wishing Jodie a happy birthday.

I'm very happy to say that amongst all the very talented people Daniel asked, he also asked me.

All the messages were then edited into this one 16 and a half minute video which was put onto both youtube and vimeo on Jodies birthday.

(In case you're in a rush, I'll let you know that my message starts at exactly 13 minutes in).
Thanks again to Daniel for inviting me to contribute, and also a thanks to my dear old pal Amanda for doing such a great job filming and helping me out as I struggled to control 50 helium balloons, a cordless drill and a Golden Gaytime.

After all this maybe tonight I should make a point to watch a Jodie Foster film, but realistically I'll probably just watch The Simpsons.

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  1. 'Taxi Driver' is the best Jodie Foster movie but that's because of Robert De Niro. Don't watch it though - it's too bleak!

    This is the scene that John A Douglas is alluding to at the end of Daniel's birthday tribute video.

    Did you ever hear back from Jodie when the balloons arrived?