Friday, November 16, 2012

The strawerry of my life

Hey, just quickly, here's a donut.
It's acrylic on ceramic, 10cm x 10cm. It looks a lot like a donut from The Simpsons. 

Today we finished installing our VCA Graduation Show.

Here's a photo of the donut where it appears in the Grad Show, hung between a Blackberry Chupa Chup and a Rainbow Paddlepop, (both of which are also acrylic on ceramic)
The last thing you do when installing, aside from sweeping, is put up your labels.

While I was sweeping my friend Amy pointed out to me that my label for Strawberry donut had a typo. 
Rather than get a new label made up I decided I like it like that. 

I think because of this I should make a real strawerry donut, you know, just like a ring of straw with some strawberry icing on the top. I imagine a horse might really enjoy eating a strawerry donut. Maybe I'll make one and feed it to a horse. Do you have a horse? If yes, can I feed it?

Anyway, long strawerry short, showing you the strawberry donut and telling you about the misspelt label is basically just an excuse for me to remind you to please come to the VCA Grad Show, it's on for one week starting Monday night.

If the opportunity to see a misspelt sticker doesn't get you there, then I don't know what will.

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