Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to join the Smile High Club (Part two)

Hey champ, thanks for stopping by. So I know I put in a plug for my upcoming Grad Show (Monday!) at the end of the last post, but here's another different plug.
I'm real happy to announce that my film How to join the Smile High Club, (I mentioned it here), has been accepted into the Three One Six Oh! Film Festival.
(My name's one in from the left on the fourth row down, you can see it if you squint a bit and put your face really close to the screen).

The festival's on at the Cameo Outdoor Cinema in Belgrave on Saturday, December 1st. It should be a lot of fun, even if I wasn't in it I'd be looking forward to this.

It starts at 4, you have a picnic and some beers, there's a bunch of art around, and starting at 5 three bands go on. I haven't heard of any of the bands but apparently they're a big deal. Then after 8 there's 90 minutes of short films on the big screen.

Click on this sentence to see the full program or to buy a ticket.

And click on this sentence for a link to the 45 second promo video. (From the 24th second of the promo to 26th second you can see a bit of my film).

But so yeah, on the first day of summer you should come and picnic with me at the Cameo Outdoor Cinema. All the cool kids'll be there.

Speaking of cool kids, here's a photo I took in Sydney the day after I filmed How to join the Smile HIgh Club. 

It's called Champions.

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