Monday, November 26, 2012

Check out this rear view

Hey bum hole, thanks for stopping by. This is just a quick update to say that I'm in a collaborative show on at Rearview Gallery that opens this Friday, November 30, and if you're reading this then I'm personally begging you to please come along.

The show's been organised by my buddy Henry Jock Walker. Here's a photo of the two of us looking like monkeys while standing infront of Brett Whiteleys painting of a monkey. Well, I'm looking like a monkey, he's looking handsome as usual.
Also in the show are my pals Andy Treloar and Sam Songallo, as well as New York based photographer Vivien Allender. 

Here's the invite.
My claim to fame with the invite is that I'm the one who spilt the white paint in the bottom right of the image.

I also painted the word CENTER that you can see in the top right of the invite, although It's just occurred to me that I misspelt it. Well, sort of, I spelt it the American way. The way years of using Microsoft Word has taught me.

The word REARVIEW, written in the top left of the invite, is also misspelt. Not in any acceptable Microsoft Word way either, it's just misspelt. That's Jocks fault though, he made the invite, and so if you decide not to come to the exhibition based soley on that typo, which I completely understand, then I just want the record to show that it's all Jocks fault.

Speaking of Rearview and Jock, here's a photo I took the other day in Jocks old studio. 

On the desk at the back is Andy. Leaning against the desk is a portrait I did of Andy, done over the top of one of Jocks paintings using an orange spray can that was lying around, and right there in the front is a cheeky view of Jocks rear.
I'll talk more about the show soon but all you really need to know is it should be pretty wild and you should definitely come check it out. 

The opening starts at 7pm and goes on until somewhere between 9 and 10. Rearview's located on Stanley Street, just behind 244 Smith Street, Collingwood. The show runs until December 22, but yeah, I'd love it if you can make it in for a drink with us, in the flesh, on Friday.

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