Saturday, November 10, 2012

All's fair in love and awards

Hey! So seen as though the last blog post was about an award my best bud Fat Dan and I presented to one of our tutors at the end of year Painting Party, I figure I should also show the award I received from our tutors at the end of year Painting Party.

It's called the Is This For Real Award, here's the description that was read out as I received it.
I like the award a lot, it's pretty funny and a bit of a mouthful, one correction I would make though is that I've never defaced any artworks, unless maybe they're my own.It's always cool to see how someone summarizes your work, if you wanna see cool though, here's the totes cool award my best bud Fat Dan received.
Now while it's true that Dan has undeniably serviced the promotion of Awesome Dude Art While Being a Totes Sweet Dude, I can't help but feel that the award doesn't totally do justice to his art practise.

Of course doing justice to art practises isn't really what the lighthearted spirit of the awards is about, and besides, at the end of the day Fat Dan was much better off with his award than the one my mate Evan received.
Here's a photo of me standing in-between the Totes Sweet Dude and the White Supremacist, while in the process of doing both a peace sign and a nazi salute.
(Just for the record, so far as I can tell, Evan is absolutely not a white supremacist). 

So there you go, that's it, yesterday we had our final assessment, and now uni's pretty much over. It's got me a bit sad really. It was something unpredictable, but in the end it was right, I've totes had the time of my life.

All that's left now is Grad Show, I guess I should talk about that, so ok, here's a plug.
The VCA grad show opens on Monday, November 19. The show runs every day for a week. This sentence is a link to the facebook invite. All the details are there. Click on the link, and when you're there, click "attending". Don't just click attending though, actually attend, it's gonna be massive. It's gonna be amazing. I really hope you get to see it.

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