Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The cycle of life (Part two)

Hey peddling enthusiasts, so maybe you remember my sculpture of a Melbourne Share Bike from the Funny Games exhibition I was in earlier this year. (If not, here's the link).

Well I made another one. 

I made this Melbourne Shared Bike using my homeboy Jock's ridiculous bike that's been welded out of two and a half regular bikes.

Here it is riding high over the other Melbourne Share Bikes. 
And here it is with my homegirl Amy.

Here's the bike next to the bike my homegirl Amy usually rides.
I've made three of these things now.
How rad would it be to see heaps of these pretend Melbourne Share Bikes riding round the streets? Send me an email ( if you'd consider letting me paint your bike. I'll probably do it for free.


  1. OMG you won't be getting any emails until you clear your gmail inbox. IT IS FULL!

  2. Hey, ha, yeah, I didn't realise that could happen. I took care of it. Try again!

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