Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Nothing to white home about

Hey mate, the other month I was in an exhibition at the VCA titled 56 Shades of White. The catch with the show was that all of the works were entirely the colour white.

When making a piece for the show I suppose I could've used the opportunity to comment on racism, but instead I went with something a little cleaner.

I made a bar of soap out of clay, placed it onto a soap holder and installed it onto a window that looks like it belongs in a shower.
Once installed I removed a hair from my body and attached it to the soap.
To complete the installation I constructed a square of tiles on the floor.
Here's some dirty photos of my buddy Dan soaking up the work.
Good clean fun.

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  1. Why do I wish Dan was 14? Oh yeah Iv'e been reading your "THE TROUBLE WITH BILL"(Henson) book.