Saturday, September 01, 2012

The greatest concert I never went to

If I could go to any concert that's ever been I'd choose Bob Dylan's 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert. 

That's what I've always thought at least, until today. As of now Bob Dylan's 1966 Royal Albert Hall Concert comes in a close second, and the new first place is this gig that happened last night.
So my buddy Nelson's been playing a few gigs around town lately, being the hip and happening James Dean rock star that he is, and to my great excitement Nightly News has found itself a nice little place amongst his expanding repertoire.

Apparently the place was packed out last night, it was the perfect venue and the audience were really generous and engaged. It would've been so good to have filmed it, apparently it went down really well. 

Most devastatingly of all I'm told that before playing Nightly News Nelson introduced the song by saying "these lyrics are by a friend of mine, Kenny... Is he here? Are you here Kenny? Hmm... that's a shame". 

Ha, can you believe it?!

I've heard two stories of peoples reactions to the song. One is that a woman laughed really loudly at the "threw his kids off the Westgate bridge" line, and the other is that a man who came over to get a copy of Nelsons CD after the set said that it was "really great to be able to sit back and hear the tales of old Melbourne town".
It's still such a thrill for me that people are hearing the song. 

Here's a photo from the night of Nelson, with Simon on bass, performing Nightly News.
Nelsons next gig is at the Highlander bar in Melbourne at 9pm on Thursday, October fourth. 

I may have missed last nights gig and I may have missed Bob Dylans 1966 Royal Albert Hall concert, but there's no way I'm missing this October fourth show, and you really shouldn't either.

If it's not the live performance of Nightly News that'll persuade you to come along, then just the fact that you'll get to see Nelson himself should be enough. Nelson's often mistaken for Leonardo Dicaprio, and yes ladies, you're in luck, he's single.

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