Friday, September 28, 2012

The cycle of life

Hey riders, here's an especially dorky photo of me about to ride a Melbourne Share Bike.  
The Melbourne Share Bikes are a Department of Transport initiative that first appeared in Melbourne in the winter of 2010.

Here's a piece I made for the Funny Games exhibition I was in earlier this year. 
It's titled Melbourne Shared Bike.
The bike rack is made out of a swimming pool noodle.

Here it is within a little bit of context of the show. 
The donut in the foreground is a work by my pal Nellie Reinhard and the piece in the middle is by my other pal Anna Higgins. We put my bike in the corner so that it became seemingly framed by the white wall behind it.

My buddy Tait described the piece as a three dimensional cartoon.
Here's the bike amongst its fellow Melbourne Share Bikes. 
And here's the bike being inspected by one of the Melbourne Share Bike maintenance guys.

The bike maintenance guy was great, but despite all his bike maintenance know-how he told me that sadly he was not going to be able to fix it. My bike was all tyred out, and needed to be put to sleep.

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