Sunday, September 02, 2012

Good Bill hunting (part two)

Hey. This piece is called Bubble'O Bill

It's acrylic on ceramic and wood, (the wood is the stick).
This piece is the latest in a series that aims to blur the distinctions between painting and sculpture, as well as pop art and realism. 

Last Thursday, (August 30, 2012), Australian artist Bill Henson gave a lecture at my university. 

The lecture was pretty incredible and genuinely inspiring. Whether you agree with what Bill does or not, he's a really smart guy and a really great speaker. I've heard Bill speak before, as I talked about here, but this was by far the best talk I've seen him give.

After the lecture I showed Bill my sculpture and asked if he'd let me have my photograph taken.

And so here it is, Me holding Two Bills.
(I wore my year 11 high school top, as year eleven was the last year I was underage and I thought it might subconsciously improve my chances at getting this photograph).  
I asked Bill Henson if he liked Bubble'O Bills. He said he did but only on special occasions. 

I guess it's all about moderation if you want to maintain a clean Bill of health.
I tried explaining that to these ducks but they wouldn't listen. 

They told me they were sorry to burst my Bubble but they didn't want a clean Bill, and that if they could they'd happily wrap their Bills around a Bill every hour of the day.

I think I might agree with the ducks. 

I don't know if I could eat 24 Bubble'O Bills in one day, but I'd sure love to take a quack at it.


  1. hahah i laughed out loud for real in this post about 5 times! you are punny. I enjoyed the inclusion of the ducks everyone likes ducks.
    gah i now have to fill out those jumbled words proving that i am not a robot but they are hard and i never get them right and then i think i might be a robot

    1. Hey Georgia, you're right, everyone likes ducks. Especially foxes. Your comment went through so I guess that means you're not a robot. Although maybe you are, robots are getting pretty smart these days and they could probably figure out a way around the screening process. Thanks a lot for the comment!

  2. Do you accept marriage proposals? BTW Ducks are rad. Quack quack motherf8uc5er.

  3. Ha, hey, I've never gotten a marriage proposal to be able to accept one, but I might accept yours. I just watched one of your youtube videos and it was hilarious, you're amazing. And sure, ducks are rad. The word 'rad' is very rad too. I don't know about 'motherf8uc5er' though, ha, a word spelt like that is almost enough to make me call off the wedding.