Monday, August 20, 2012

TRIBUTE TO ADAM CULLEN. Or; What Adam shame. (Part One of Two)

Here's a drawing I made four and a bit years ago in 2008. It's oil pastel on lined paper.
I made the drawing around the first time I ever really saw the work of Adam Cullen.It was a nice coincidence that a couple of weeks later I went up to Sydney with some tafe buddies to see the Bienalle and there happened to be a big Adam Cullen show on at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. I was still carrying the same book I'd done the drawing in which meant that I was able to take these photos.
(I'm skinny now but I forget how skinny I was.)

Below is another work I made, also back in 2008, titled Dog Food; Serving you better

It's acrylic, marker, pencil and highlighter on a stretched Coles canvas bag, (at the time I was a Coles employee).

When I made this painting I felt that the text I'd written in the piece had a vaguely similar attitude to Cullen's work. I guess I'd wanted to reference this and so rather than paint my own dog I painted the dog from one of Cullens paintings.
It feels a bit funny writing about these two works, I literally hadn't looked at them for years.

I dug them up just recently after Monday morning, June 30, when I arrived at uni and a friend said to me "Hey so'd you hear Adam Cullen died yesterday?"

Way too young, Adam has joined the 47 club. 

A few days ago I decided to give him a bit of a tribute, it felt necessary. I'd go into it now but this post is probably long enough as it is, so, ok, stay tuned for part two. What a gripping cliffhanger, thanks for reading, come back soon, TO BE CONTINUED...

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