Thursday, August 09, 2012


Hey, you ever write poetry? 
I bet you do. 
I bet you're real darn good at it too.

Last year, on 18.03.2011, I watched the channel Ten six o'clock news and I wrote a poem about it.
The poem's on this blog, here's a link to it.

We all know that no news is good news, but this news is even better; 
yesterday my buddy Nelson Walkom, an unbelievably talented musician, made a song out of the poem.
I really love the song.
The music, the delivery, it's just so cool. 
And I can't get over how exciting it is to hear my words come alive.

I think where Nel turned The Biggest Loser into the The Fattest Loser, and laughs while saying it, is probably my favourite part.

Nelson, (or Nelvis Presley as I like to call him), is incredible.
This sentence is a link to his music page.
And this sentence is a link to his youtube channel. 
you should have a listen to his other stuff too, it'll be music to your ears.

I really love the song. I know I already wrote that, but I really do.

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