Monday, July 16, 2012

What to do with your money

Ah Brunswick Street, my old friend Brunswick Street, the only street I know of where on any given Monday morning you are guaranteed to find a used syringe resting in the gutter infront of a shop selling iced donuts that have been coated in Fruit Loops.
Across the street, just a mere 25 meters away from the needle and the donuts, at 305 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, is where you'll find Brunswick Street Bookstore.
And it is in this store, I am pleased to report, where you can now find two of my books.

The first book is 29 DRAWINGS OF PEOPLE ON THE TRAINwhich I talked about here
There aren't many of these books left and they're a limited edition, so you know, you should get one now before there aren't any to get. They also come with an A4 signed print on 225gsm paper.

The other book, maybe my favourite, is (Arguably) Self Indulgent Sentences. 
I made it in 2008.
Here's a blurry photo showing you where its current home is, at the front counter next to the email list.
As for the train books' current home, well, the next time you peddle into Brunswick Street Bookstore to buy your latest issue of Treadlie magazine, which we both know is something you look forward to doing every month, why not also buy the less expensive but equally as exciting book to the right of it. 
My favourite thing about Brunswick Street Bookstore is that they're open every day from 10am until 11pm.
But, even with that, if you can't make it to the store but you want a book then send me an email.

So that's all for now, thank you for reading my infomercial, and if this bus stop advertisement is as accurate as it claims to be, then you should really be thanking me for answering the question that's undeniably been on your mind.
Although I suppose I haven't really done the best job at answering your question because both these books are very, very, stupidly affordable.

So head on down to Brunswick Street, and needle-less to say, just be sure to watch your step as you're eating your donut and making your way onto the street towards the bookstore.

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