Sunday, June 10, 2012


For unexciting reasons all of the exciting documentation of this weeks Funny Games exhibition won't be on this blog until after the Queen's birthday. 
(The public holiday of the Queens birthday I mean, which is this Monday. The Queens actual birthday is on the 21st of April, and it'll be on here long before then)

Speaking of birthdays, well, it's happened; the other day I had the best birthday I've ever had, and at the end of it I turned 24. 
Here's a lousy photo of a work I made at the start of last year.

and here's a lousy photo of a work I made half an hour ago.
Ideally it would be shown in a digital photo frame, but I don't have access to one of those.

Here's a photograph I took in front of my local newsagent at 7.30am on the morning of my 22nd birthday.
I finished the painting that's in the photo the night before, when I was still 21.

The headline of course would never actually appear on a newspaper.  For one because it wouldn't sell papers, but also because there's just no way it could ever be true.
Whether or not no news is good news, an infinite number of things are constantly happening.
Everything's happened since yesterday.
Here's a drawing slash painting I made recently as a gift to someone special.
As I'm sure you realised, it's a copy of a Picasso painting. Here's the original.
The paintings called Les Baiser (The Kiss).
I saw it in person earlier in the year at the big Picasso show that was on at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Picasso painted it when he was 88 years old.
64 years older than I am now.
It was 1969, the same year that the first artificial heart was successfully implanted into a person.
An incredible breakthrough for science. And for people with broken hearts.

It's been a fast, rough and unfamiliar month, a lot's been going on and as a result of that the humor in my work's gotten exceedingly dark and less considered. Not in a good way either.
It's caused me to do a lot of second guessing and self reflection, too much probably, it's been very confronting. Ultimately though I've learnt a lot from it and I've come out at the other end with a much clearer understanding of what it is exactly that I do, and what it is exactly that I want to do.
This is all probably sounding very abstract. Cubist maybe.

The main thing I've been reminded is that the people you love, your friends and your family, are much, much more important than art.
I know that's a funny thing for an artist to put on their artist blog, and I also know it's just one of those things that generally goes without saying, but I do think every once in a while it should be said.
And of course I've always known it too, but there have been a couple of moments I probably haven't acknowledged it as much as I should have, and will do from now on.

Well ok I guess that's enough for now. I doubt anybody is still reading at this point.
To finish off this post here's a badly scanned version of a piece I made way back in 2008, in front of the hospital I was born in.

There is of course a great irony in standing around a hospital in the rain, waiting and hoping for an ambulance to be called out just so you can take a photo that has this kind of message.
But I think in this case maybe that's ok.

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