Monday, June 18, 2012


The other week I needed a bit of 6ml MDF board, I needed it right away and so I decided to cut up an old painting.

I was wanting to get rid of the painting anyway, it was just a sort of nothing experiment I did once upon a time.
Usually one of my biggest struggles is letting go of work, but this was a rare exception.
Here it is after I'd sawed it in three.

As you can see from where I signed it on the back, I did the painting on February 17, 2009.
Here's the shape I cut it into.
It's now the back of this painting.
The pole's made of duct tape, the bolt's are made of clay.
This is one of the works I had in the Funny Games exhibition, I'll put more, (and better), documentation of the show here soon.
I hung this piece discreetly amongst the permanent signs in the gallery, and as a result a lot of people who went to the show didn't see it.

I think maybe that's a good thing. Maybe it's symbolic, a sign of our times. Maybe it's funny, maybe it's whimsical, maybe it's sad. Maybe I've signed my life away. I hope this isn't a sign of weakness. I don't remember signing up for this.

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