Sunday, May 20, 2012

tap water toast

My friend Amy has a tumblr where every time she gets a coffee she takes a photo of it with the book that she's reading. The tumblr's called cappuccino sandwich.

There's another section on Amys tumblr that's made up of photographs of the book that her "mates" are reading and their coffee.

This sentence is a link to the page on her tumblr with an image of the book that I happened to be reading, with my water bottle that I was drinking from.

As an added bonus, just for you dear reader, because this is my blog and not Amys, here's a revealing behind the scenes photo of the same image from a slightly different angle.


  1. Nice written blog. Thumbs up for posting.

  2. Hey thanks nj. There's a chance you're only saying that because there's water in your name and there's also water in the name of this post, but still, thanks a lot, and thumbs up for your comment.