Friday, May 25, 2012

My posters are nothing to be proud of

The Margeret Lawrence Gallery in Melbourne held a competition for people to submit a poster design to be used for their upcoming exhibition, titled "PROUD".

Here's a compressed version of the design I submitted.
It got a little bit of positive feedback, but alas it did not win.
Here is the image that did win, by my studio pal James Tunks.
James' image is very cool, I really like it, and it'll obviously make a great poster.
I can definitely see why they chose it. I wouldn't have picked mine either.
Still though, I would've loved to see my poster on some walls here and there, that would've been fun.

In light of this, it just so happens that in a couple of weeks I'll be in a group show at the VCA gallery with a few of my friends, and so I made another poster, and this time the poster I made gets to be used.
The show's called "FUNNY GAMES".

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