Monday, April 16, 2012

Mug shots

Hey guys, nice to see you again, new haircut I see, lost a little weight as well, 
you're looking great.
You may or (more likely) may not remember that back in January I put a couple of photos of a piece I made in 2010; 'PAINTING OF A BOOK', onto this blog. 

Because I put that on I figured I'd put this on. 
In 2011, on a muggy morning, I bought a mug and made this follow up piece, 'PAINTING ON A MUG'.

Charles Saatchi happened to be in the bookstore at the same time I took these photos. 
When he laid his eyes on my ugly mug he said it was just his cup of tea and he had to have it. 
While Charles was writing me out a one million dollar cheque a masked mugger with a gun came in and kidnapped him.

I know for a fact that the mugger is reading this and let me just say that I still have my 'PAINTING ON A MUG', and for the safety of Mr. Saatchi I suppose I might consider offering it up as the ransom. 
Meet me on the bench in the park at sundown. Come alone.
Well, not completely alone, bring Charlie.
And maybe a thermos, a little milk and a teabag.

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