Saturday, March 10, 2012

What you're likely to find in the bushes on the side of every highway

Early last Monday morning I got in my car by myself and drove 900kms from Melbourne to Sydney. It took somewhere between 12 and 13 hours. I was my own personal courier, transporting a couple of paintings.

At some point around the 9 hour mark I pulled into one of the little "fifteen minute power nap" bays on the side of the highway, kilometres and kilometres away from any exit off the highway.

I didn't power nap, but I did get out of the car to give myself a brief power break from the driving. I powerfully got the urine out of me, and then went for a little power wander to power stretch my powerful legs.
There was a fair amount of litter around. The usual stuff you'd expect; junk food packaging, coffee cups (hot coffee and iced coffee), lemonade and energy drinks. Cigarette packs and a corresponding number of cigarette butts. As well as an assortment of different brands of sneaky beer bottles.

Naturally I then found the baby wipes and scrunches of brown smeared tissue paper.
I then found a gram bag and an empty pack of jumbo cigarette papers.
Looking a little closer I found both a sardine can and a tuna can. 

And that's when things started getting a little fishy.
Looking closer still I found shorts, underwear, a condom wrapper, a tube of KY jelly, and another piece of packaging which although was just clear plastic it isn't hard to have a confident guess as to what it might have once contained.
If this highway could talk, oh the stories it could tell.
Once I felt I'd seen all the tourist attractions this stop had to offer, I got back in the car, back on the road, and back on with my life. 
So anyway, me and the paintings arrived safe and sound, and after staying up there for four nights I drove back home yesterday along those same 900 kms in the opposite direction, from Sydney to Melbourne. 

This time though I had a friend I'd been staying with in my passenger seat. We talked, we laughed, we sang, and the drive felt a lot quicker than it had when alone on the way up.

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