Monday, March 26, 2012

There's some real weirdos on the train, some of them are probably drawing you.

Hey there pal, thanks for stopping by.
Keeping in the spirit of the last thing I put on this blog, here's a drawing I did on the train about a month ago of a woman who was listening to an iPod.
Or maybe it was an iPhone.
Or I guess it could've actually been a cassette player, all I really know is she had those white headphones in her ears. It's possible they weren't even plugged into anything.
Here's what I was drawing
and here's the drawing

I wasn't really concentrating when I drew it, which isn't to say it would be any better if I had been, but I just mean I was never planning on showing it to her.
When we both got off at the same stop though and were walking side by side I decided I would show her, and I'm really glad I did.
Here she is writing her email address onto a newspaper so that I could send her a copy of the drawing.
She was very enthusiastic. She said it meant a lot to her and that she was really flattered.
Of course I was much more flattered than she was; reactions as positive as hers don't come about too often.
Understandably too I think. I probably wouldn't want some creep on the train drawing me.
But she liked it, and I think that's great.
I'm pretty lucky to have met her really, she was such an amazing woman*, whether her headphones had been plugged in or not.

*Obviously no where near as amazing a woman as my girlfriend of course, (in case my girlfriend happens to be reading this). Or my mum. Or Tracey Chapman.


  1. Hey Claire. Cool, thanks a lot. I'm still not sure if blogging is really for me, but i think i'm going to stick with it. Thanks again, great to hear from you.