Saturday, March 24, 2012

The man on the train who gave me the book he was reading

Apparently this year is the 40th anniversary of the VCA, (the Victorian College of the Arts), which is the university I study at.
Despite the stormy weather the VCA put on a bit of a street party thing yesterday to celebrate, and although it did feel a bit like I was at a Primary school fete, I had fun and the music was good.

On the train home late last night, while nearly asleep, I scribbled a drawing of the man opposite me.
It isn't a particularly good drawing as I'd had a couple of beers and big cup of wine at the street party thing, but I decided to show it to the man anyway. Here he is.
and here's the drawing. (It wasn't quite finished at this stage)
(He was reading a newspaper while I drew him, but by the time I took his photo he was sitting a bit differently and had finished with the paper and moved on to a book)
He was a good guy. All he really said was that I should've drawn more hair. It was pretty funny.
As he was getting off the train he said "Here, have an art book", and he dropped the book he'd been reading into my lap. It turned out it was the current Menzies auction house book. A big thick one. What a cool thing for him to do, I'm really grateful.

Auction house books are always good to look through because you get to see the lesser known works of the big name artists. There are five Brett Whiteleys in this book and even though I'm pretty sure I've looked through every book published on the guy I'd never seen any of these works before. They were mostly just nothing sketches, (albeit $12,000-$18,000 nothing sketches), but when it comes to Bretty I'll always get excited about seeing new work.
Like when Tupac puts out new albums.

I like to imagine that one day, when I'm even older than the VCA is now, the drawing I did last night of the man who gave me his auction house book might end up in an auction house book itself.

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