Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Soaperb $avings

On New Years Eve I saw a guy in the city selling glowsticks for $10. This kids Mum bought two. 
It's a week later and it's not "the New Year!" anymore, it's just January.
Glowsticks are down to 50 cents at Shell Petrol Station,
and Kmart is now selling Santa Hats for 20 cents and packets of candy canes for 5 cents.
On the other hand Hot Cross Buns are now in all the stores and at maximum price.
(Regular, mini, choc cross, fruitless and "Easter loaf")
I didn't buy any of this stuff; I don't like the taste of candy canes, I already have a santa hat and I wasn't interested in a glowstick. 
I love hot cross buns but didn't buy any of them either.
What I did buy today though, for the first time in my life, is a bar of soap. 
No longer do I have to share soap with anybody.
I also bought a box of condoms.
Unlike the soap though, they're for sharing.

And so, don't you think, whether it's "the New Year!" or just plain old January, life really ain't soap bad.

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